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Can alcohol wipes be checked?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-19

Alcohol wipes have a good antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect. Many people like to eat them, so many people will have them. Can alcohol wipes be checked? Can alcohol wipes wipe your face?

1. Can alcohol wipes be checked?


Alcohol wipes contain a certain amount of alcohol. According to the regulations of the Aviation Administration of China, passengers are prohibited from carrying flammable and explosive materials, including hydrogen, oxygen, butane, and other bottled compressed gas and liquefied gas; yellow phosphorus, Spontaneous combustion items such as white phosphorus, nitrocellulose, oil paper, and their products; metal potassium, sodium, lithium, calcium carbide, magnesium aluminum powder and other items that burn in water; gasoline, kerosene, diesel, benzene, ethanol, paint, thinner, rosin oil, etc. Flammable liquid; flash powder, solid alcohol, celluloid, and other flammable solids; sodium peroxide, potassium peroxide, lead peroxide, acetic acid and other inorganic and organic oxidants. Alcohol wipes belong to one of them, so alcohol wet Towels are not allowed on the plane.

2. Can I bring alcohol wipes when flying?


Alcohol wipes contain alcohol, which is flammable and explosive. It is forbidden to carry and check-in. Otherwise, it is prone to safety hazards. Therefore, alcohol wipes are not allowed on the plane. You can only bring non-alcoholic wipes. Wet wipes on the plane, for the sake of self and others' safety.

3. Can alcohol wipes take high-speed rail?


Alcohol wipes contain alcohol. The main component of alcohol is ethanol, which is volatile and flammable. Carrying alcohol wipes on the high-speed rail will affect the safety of other passengers. Hand over to the public security organs for processing immediately, so don't think you can carry it freely just because it is alcohol spray.

4. Can alcohol wipes wipe your face?

It is not recommended to wipe your face.

Alcohol wipes contain a certain amount of alcohol, which has a good disinfection and sterilization effect, and can play a good cleaning effect. It can also be used occasionally to clean the face; but because the facial skin is more sensitive and fragile, alcohol It is an irritating substance with a certain volatility. Long-term consumption can easily affect the facial skin. Therefore, alcohol wipes are generally not recommended for wiping the face. 

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