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Can the expired makeup remover wipes work?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-02-26

Can the expired makeup remover wipes work? 

Of course, expired cleansing wipes are not completely unusable, as long as they do not touch human skin and do not cause harm to human health, we can use expired wipes to wipe tables, stools, shoes, and dust, the effect will be better than a rag, so it won’t be wasted. 

Can expired wipes still be used? 

Most wet wipes contain alcohol. Alcohol is an alcohol substance. Although it can play a role in sterilization and disinfection, it will react with the paint on the surface of the furniture, especially the alkyd paint. More obvious.

Frequently using wet paper towels to wipe wooden furniture or wooden floors will result in changes in the gloss of the painted surface, especially some parts that have been wiped hard. 

Expired wet wipes can be used to wipe hands, shoes, and bags, but they can no longer be used on the face. Because there is alcohol in it, it should not be used with other reactive substances! It uses wet wipes, which is not equivalent to washing hands. 

The doctor emphasized that no matter how repeatedly wiped your hands, wet tissues will not remove bacteria on the skin surface. Washing hands with soap and running water is the cleanest.

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