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Can wipes be used on sensitive areas?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-18

In the beginning, wet wipes were only used to wipe hands. With the advancement of technology, today’s wipes can be used to wipe hands, wipe face, disinfect, remove makeup and even care for sensitive parts of women, but women's Sensitive parts are always sensitive and fragile parts. If improper care is likely to cause allergic inflammation, should we use wet wipes to wipe sensitive parts?

1. Can wet wipes wipe sensitive parts?

You can wipe sensitive parts with a special wet wipe for women's care.

Because the raw material of the female care wipes is 100% pure wood pulp, which contains pure water, cationic antibacterial and sterilizing agent, natural lavender essence, etc., it has the effect of antibacterial and sterilization and eliminates the odor of sensitive parts.

2, can you wipe the sensitive parts with a wet wipe?

Wet wipes for women's care are recommended to be used during official holidays and not recommended in normal times.

During women’s regular vacation, bacteria on sensitive parts increase and there is a pungent smell. We are used to using toilet paper to wipe sensitive parts. During regular vacations, we can try to wipe sensitive parts with special wet wipes for women’s care. Clean sensitive parts, while effectively inhibiting the propagation of bacteria in sensitive parts, and eliminate the odor of sensitive parts caused by menstrual holidays.

3. The hazards of frequently rubbing sensitive parts with wet wipes

Even though the special wet wipes for women's care have so many functions, it is not recommended to use them frequently, otherwise, there will be the following hazards.

(1) Gynecological diseases

Although the special wet wipes for female care have an antibacterial effect, they have no bactericidal effect. Frequent use over a long period of time will destroy the normal pH value in the vagina, thereby causing the acid-base imbalance in the female body. When the acidic pH value is too low, Bacteria can easily invade, thereby increasing the chance of gynecological diseases.

(2) Destroy its own function

The vagina itself has the functions of self-bacteriostasis and self-cleaning. It can secrete more than 20 kinds of microorganisms, making it in an acidic environment. Frequent use of wet wipes to wipe sensitive parts will destroy its own antibacterial and cleaning functions. , Causing sensitive parts to become more vulnerable and susceptible to infection.

(3) Stimulate sensitive areas

While the special wet wipes for feminine care claim no irritation and side effects, each person’s health and immunity are different. There is no guarantee that every woman will have no irritation or side effects after use, and any frequent use of anything will have On the downside, frequent use of special wet wipes for feminine care is likely to irritate sensitive areas, resulting in inflammation and allergies in sensitive areas.

4. Correct cleaning method for sensitive parts

(1) It is possible to wipe sensitive parts with a clean paper towel, but before wiping, be sure to clean your hands, otherwise the bacteria on your hands can easily be carried on the paper towels, which will be carried to sensitive parts and infect sensitive parts.

(2) You can clean the sensitive parts with clean warm water every day, which can effectively remove the bacteria in the sensitive parts. When the sensitive parts have inflammation, they can be cleaned together with the sensitive part care solution under the guidance of the doctor.

(3) Take a bath and change underwear frequently every day to ensure that the genitals are in a clean and dry environment, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria. 

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