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Cannabis Whitening Soothing Mask

Cannabis Whitening Soothing Mask

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Product Name:Cannabis Whitening Soothing Mask


Product Description:

 It is designed for sensitive skin, combined with "air-free" Veocel, effectively strengthen skin barrier, excellent hydrating, soothing and repairing, whitening and brightening skin.

Product Formula:

The cannabis extract by the supercritical extraction process, combined with the avena sativa oil extract, can increase the skin elasticity and provide the most natural skin care. Combined with the saffron and purslane extract, it can reduce inflammation and relieve skin damage, repair deep basal cells and strengthen the barrier function.

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NBC Advantage:
 The mask won the "Excellence Award for Green Fish Quality of Cosmetic Formula" in the first excellent cosmetic formula contest of green fish quality launched by Vitargent Small Fish Testing × Chinabeauty.cn.

Usage Suggestion:

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Relevant Recommendation:

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Product Message

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