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Choosing The Skin Care Product That Works Best For You


A proper skincare routine is mandatory if you wish to have a beautiful complexion that will stand the test of time and choosing correctly a skin care product can prove to be quite difficult considering the amount of options on the market out there. We are here to help you with the process of deciding which skin care product will work best for you and give the best results.

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Get to know your skin type

It might seem self-implied, but in order to make sure you are selecting the best skin care product means that you know what your complexion type is. We are all very different and our skin comes with particular needs and the things we might want to improve can change in time.


The easiest type of skin to deal with is normal skin. It means that your skin is well balanced, it absorbs moisture at a normal rate, it doesn't turn red nor it produces excess oil and sebum. In this case, cleaning your skin on a daily basis with products that aren't too harsh and nourishing it with the skin care product that maintains the natural moisture is enough. This is often the case of women under 25 years old who don't suffer from acne or other skin issues. Our Tear-Free Make-up Remover range is a perfect option for your night time cleansing routine. It will remove all make-up and dirt from your face without being too harsh with the skin, leaving it clean and prepared for the next products that you wish to apply. The Transparent Double Essence is one best skin care product that you can continue with. It is plant-based and has hyaluronic acid as a main active ingredient. This acid's purpose is to lock in moisture and it can do that up to 12 times than its mass.


Dry skin is the type of skin that lacks moisture and has trouble locking it in, making the skin less protected against external damage. This type of skin is more common in the case of women and it can also set in with age since the natural production of collagen diminishes. Having this in mind, after extensive research, we have developed the Corallina Soothing and Protecting Series. Each skin care product in this line is water-based, making it easily absorbed into the skin and enhancing the skin defense mechanism.


A sub-type of the dry skin type is the sensitive one. Apart from moisture issues, this skin is sensitive to certain ingredients in products, such as perfume. The easiest way to tell if you have sensitive skin is to observe your skin's reactions to hot or cold temperatures. If it turns red very easily it means you have sensitive skin. In your case, it is important to always test new products on a small portion of skin, like the jawline, for a couple of days to see exactly how your skin reacts and if it tolerates the ingredients. Our Cloud Walk Soothing Repair Series was developed with the special requirements of sensitive skin in mind. The natural fermentation formula replaces other more traditional ingredients restoring the skin's vitality and building healthy and stable skin.


Oily skin is prone to producing a larger than usual quantity of sebum. One of the easiest ways to tell if you have oily skin is its specific shine, especially in the T zone - the forehead, nose and chin area. Other specific signs are enlarged pores and the tendency of these pores to clog, turning into white or blackheads. Maintaining proper hygiene is critical to keep this type of skin in check, but without overdoing it. A common mistake that persons with oily skin make is cleaning their face too harshly, which in turn only makes the skin produce more sebum to overcompensate the lack of natural oil. The Tear-Free Make-up Remover line is effective in cleaning, but gentle at the same time making it a perfect option. For the following steps in your skin care routine, you should favor water-based skin care product instead of oil ones, making sure your skin is properly moisturized. This is the perfect way to get to a balance in the way your own skin produces its natural oils.


Combination skin is, as its name suggests, a mix between the types of skin that we just discussed. The most common type of combination is the one between an oily T-zone and normal or dry skin otherwise. Although it might not seem so, there is no need to panic. The solution is to just give your skin what it needs by using skin care product localized. Stay away from oil-based products when it comes to your forehead, chin and nose area and uses these instead on your cheeks and neck or other areas that you feel need extra moisturizing.

Have a morning and night routine

Traditionally, skincare is a routine for the night, but taking a few extra minutes in the morning to care for your skin can really make a difference in the long run. At night you should take some extra time and go through all the steps of cleaning, toning, applying serums and moisturizing. For this part, you should aim at treating the issues of your skin. Don't look at it as a routine that you have to do, but more as a pampering time for yourself. The night time skincare routine should be all about unwinding, taking the day off and preparing for rest.


In the morning, your skin care product should prepare you for the day. A well-cared-for skin will also make applying make-up seem like a walk in the park and you will need fewer products. For the morning, we recommend our Around Eye Care Series. The caffeine extract will make you look awake and fresh. The skin under your eyes is the thinnest one and the first to show signs of fatigue and aging so it deserves your extra attention.


Face masks are a girl's best friend

Last but not least, don't forget to apply a mask at least once a week. Face masks are a chance to indulge and pamper yourself and, at the same time, they can treat specific issues that you want to improve in your skin. Had a long night or week? Our Up Facial Mask Series will get you up and running in no time. Are you concerned about your face looking young and fresh? Our Anti-Aging and Tightening Mask is perfect for that.


Choosing the right skin care product should be about having fun and taking care of yourself - a way of setting yourself up for success.

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