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"Clean and win-win"2017 Nox Bellcow Core Supply Chain Strategy Announced


When doing business, the supply and demand side need to be able to "cooperate;" hence " incorruptible" is the cornerstone, and to have the "win-win" situation is our major purpose. This is the right way to begin Nox Bellcow 2017 conference. 3rd March, nearly 200 suppliers on behalf of their companies, gathered at the Sheraton Shunde Hotel in Foshan. All parties were committed to work on issues including: quality improvement, purchase delivery, technological innovation, service innovation and other aspects; to create an efficient core supply chain which is complete, secure and transparent.


Nox Bellcow Cosmetics Co., Ltd. "Clean and win-win" 2017 Supplier Conference


With honesty and trust, together we want to create a win-win situation

Mr. Frankie Fan, Nox Bellcow’s Director and Deputy General Manager, spoke at the beginning of the conference about the growth potential on skincare market is huge. According to Nielsen’s data, in the first half of 2016, mask’s sale has increased by 16%, and skincare product’s sale has increased by 8%. As China's population is 1.3 billion, this would be an impressive opportunity for us. We firmly believe that the skincare market is promising. In 2016, it is the best proof that Nox Bellcow’s sales performance has a substantial growth. Looking ahead, Nox Bellcow will adhere to create the supply chain strategy with honesty and trust, and create a win-win situation, together, we work hard to aim for our common goal of the 1.8 billion business achievement.


Mr. Frankie Fan, Director and Deputy General Manager, delivered a speech on the theme "Clean and win-win"


Clean dealings with an open and transparent attitude
Advocacy and integrity is the primary prerequisite for any cooperation. Nox Bellcow has always adhered to the "open and transparent, fair competition, fair and equitable and honesty" cooperation mechanism. We advertise the clean culture of "not giving gifts,” which is much welcomed by our suppliers. At the conference, the Nox Bellcow’s Commissioner of Integrity, Solicitor Mr. Alan Ma stressed in the latest "Clean action campaign" that, in 2017, Nox Bellcow will further standardise the procurement system both within and outside our company. We refuse all unclean commercial bribery by promoting a clean establishment of good relationship and cooperation among Nox Bellcow and various suppliers.


Nox Bellcow’s Commissioner of Integrity, Solicitor  Mr. Alan Ma's speech on the latest "Clean action campaign"


An honest and win-win procurement system

Nox Bellcow adhered to the principle of “an honest and win-win procurement system,” we maintain a simple and clean relationship when cooperate with suppliers. At the conference, Purchasing Manager Mr. Ryan Fan shared with audience the 2016 purchasing work report and the 2017 purchasing plan. In 2017, the overall purchase amount will continue to grow,Mr. Fan gave a comprehensive analysis on 2017 supply chain development ideas, including Nox Bellcow's purchase trend, the construction of a supplier management system and other aspects.


Purchasing Manager  Mr. Ryan Fan’s speech on "2016 purchasing work and the 2017 purchasing plan"


A voluntarily, spontaneous and efficient cooperation
In order to do a good job in supply chain management and to make sure an efficient operation of the chain, it is necessary to make an objective and scientific assessment on suppliers. We want to ultimately provide products and services of great value to our end users. The evaluation of suppliers mainly focuses on quality, cost, and delivery time, whether or not they can participate in the early design stages, and to prevent risks etc.. QA Director Amy Chen has made an evaluation based on 2016 situation, she summarized that excellent suppliers increased from 116 in 2015 to 185 in 2016, and there is no unqualified suppliers at all. Hence, the overall situation in coming year is promising, our quality could be guaranteed.


QA Director Ms. Amy Chen’s speech on "2016 supplier assessment report"


Strict quality control and the mutual benefit of a win-win situation

Quality control of suppliers directly determines our manufacturing yield and the quality of end products. So it is very important to improve the quality and the inspection system, so as to strengthen the management of suppliers. In this regard, our Quality Manager Mr. Lion Chen pointed out in the supplier management and improvement report that in 2017, Nox Bellcow will be more stringently to assess suppliers’ standard, both sides will establish a transparent communication mechanism, and regularly disclose suppliers’ rating is essential in order to improve the quality of the system. This will enhance the quality of the system, and eventually, improving our own market competitiveness.


Quality Manager  Mr. Lion Chen’s speech on "Supplier management and improvement"


Wider choices with strict selection, More choices provides better selection

To produce good products, raw material is the key. And raw materials and formulas can directly determine the quality of the products. At the conference, R & D Director Mr. Steven Qiu explained this by introducing how to select our raw materials, and proposed on how to strengthen the technology exchanges on the application of raw materials. Mr. Qiu said that Nox Bellcow has adopted the principle of "wider choices with strict selection." Product regulations department has carefully evaluated the raw materials provided by the suppliers, and would conduct several tests on the samples in order to fulfill the criteria of " More choices provides better selection." Only by strictly controlling raw materials, a continual improvement of product quality and stability in production could be guaranteed.


R & D Director Mr. Steven Qiu’s speech on "process of selecting raw material "


In order to strengthen and making improvement in cooperation, Nox Bellcow and 6 partners including Symrise Ltd. have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to build a sustainable strategic partnership. In the future, all parties will have in-depth cooperation in new product development, marketing, technological innovation and other aspects. This ensures strictly protection of product quality, and at the same time, helps Nox Bellcow to expand our share in international markets. This can also promote the value of cooperation among all of us involved.



Photo time of strategic cooperation agreement; from left to right: Seppic (Shanghai) Chemical Specialities Co., Ltd., Guangzhou BioHope Co., Ltd., Symrise (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Nox Bellcow Cosmetics Co., Ltd., Amcor Flexibles Huizhou , C.P.2 Factory (Jiangmen) Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd.


Quality, cost, delivery date, technology, service are all the important assessment criteria Nox Bellcow would consider in choosing excellent suppliers. In this year’s conference, we have specially set up a recognition session for our outstanding suppliers, and awarded them a total of 7 "2016 Quality Star" awards and 10 "2016 Best Service of the Year" awards to show our appreciation toward them in the supply chain for their support and cooperation with us in 2016. Nox Bellcow will sincerely to continue working hard with our suppliers, to create core competitiveness for the supply chain.



"2016 Quality Star" awards photo time, from left to right: Guangzhou Sage Chemical Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou Cdlunion Biotechnology Co.,Ltd., Guangzhou BioHope Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Multi Packaging Solutions Limited., Nox Bellcow Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Quality Director Mr. Alan Zhang (presenting award), Jiangmen K.K. Plastic Factory Ltd.,Foshan Nanhai Greatwin Non-Woven Materials  Co.,Ltd., JI An Sanjiang Microfiber Nonwoven Co.,Ltd.



"2016 Best Service of the Year" awards photo time, from the left to the right: Amcor Flexibles Huizhou, Guangzhou Hengyuan Printing Co., Ltd., C.P.2 Factory (Jiangmen) Co.,Ltd., Eastex Industrial Science & Technology Co.,Ltd., Hainan Xinlong Nonwovens Co.,Ltd., Nox Bellcow Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Director and Deputy General Manager Mr. Frankie Fan(presenting award), Zhongshan Henglanzhen Baoyixiang Paper Packing Manufacture Factory,Guangzhou Shizan Printing Co.,Ltd, Tubest Packing (GZ) Co.,Ltd, Nutri-Woods Fine Chemical (Guangzhou) Co.Limited., Own Snow Chemical Co.,Ltd.  



Management team from Nox Bellcow, from the left to the right: Marketing Strategy Director Mr. Eric Mak, R & D Director Mr. Steven Qiu, Quality Director Mr. Alan Zhang, Chief Financial Officer Mr. Nelson Au Yeung, Director and Deputy General Manager Mr. Frankie Fan, Chairman Mr. Ivan Lam, Technical Director Mr. Wang Yong, Purchasing Director Mr. S.T. Lam, Director of logistics Mr. Sam Zhang, Non-woven R & D Department Deputy Director Mr. Hao Jingbiao (Due to feeling somewhat indisposed, Director and General Manager Ms.Lily Li was unable to attend the conference)

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