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Come and receive the gift from the deep ocean


How many types of skin for humans?

There are five categories: dry, oily, sensitive, mixed and neutral skin.


Each kind of skin has its own characteristics, so different skin needs to be cared in differently ways. When it comes to the skin which is the most difficult to care, we know it is sensitive skin!


What are the characteristics of sensitive skin?

1. The skin has poor ability to retain skin moisture, its cuticle tends to appear water loss and desquamation, and it usually looks dull.

2. It is easy to be invaded by bacteria, allowing you to suffer from epifolliculitis.

3. When regular skin care products are used, there will be tingling and discomfort.

4.  It is intolerant to the normal sunshine, so skin rashes will break out after the skin is exposed to sunshine for a while.

5. The face blushes at a slightly higher temperature.

6. When it gets serious, obvious bloody threads will gradually appear on the skin and are difficult to eliminate.

For girls with sensitive skin, it’s troublesome to buy any skin products, and they have to be more careful, otherwise improper skin products are likely to be purchased. Especially at the time of seasonal change, a variety of skin problems appear one after another.


Skin allergy will occur when you use facial cleansing products with strong irritation, or do not pay attention to skin moisturizing, or excessively care your skin.

So how can we care sensitive skin?

1. Do a good job of skin moisturizing and hydrate skin more.

2. Use mild skin care products.

3. Do not overclean skin.

4. Pay more attention to protect skin from sunlight.


Of course, what you need to do mostly for sensitive skin is to fight bacteria and diminish inflammation, as well as select right skin care products. In the case that your skin barrier is damaged, it is prone for you to suffer from acnes, pimples, and bloody threads. For sensitive skin, products “mild enough” can be selected.

In this respect, the intelligent animals in the ocean — dolphins, set us a good example. Let's explore the wisdom from the ocean.

Scientists have found that dolphins often rub against corals because of a slime that attaches to the coral's surface. The slime has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. As dolphins pass through the coral, the coral slime attaches to their bodies, protecting them from infection. Thus, dolphins can still move freely in the ocean after being injured.

Based on the discovery, NBC Korea Institute has developed Corallina Soothing and Protecting Series for those with sensitive skin.


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The 4-D full-effect allergy-soothing series are developed to supply a perfect solution for highly sensitive skin.


Soothe redness and tingling.

Accelerate the healing of damaged skin and restore skin barrier.

Improve dryness and tightness.

Fight bacteria, diminish inflammation, and moisturize skin.


Officinalis Soothing Repair Facial Cleanser

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Mildly clean your skin, without damaging your skin barrier.  Make your skin soft with cream texture

Officinalis Soothing Repair Toner

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Infuse cutin to soothe sensitive and dry skin. Make skin more moisturized.


Star product: Officinalis Soothing Repair Essence

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Officinalis Soothing Repair Lotion


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Officinalis Soothing Repair Facial Cream


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With the Corallina Soothing and protecting series, girls with sensitive skin can also rest assured for skin care! Come and receive the gift from the deep ocean!

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