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Do all the wet wipes on the market contain alcohol?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-25

Paper towels are used for cleaning, but in many aspects, they still can’t meet the needs of consumers. Therefore, there are wet wipes in the continuous research and development process. This cleaning appliance has better effects and is more convenient to use. Do these wet wipes contain alcohol?

Through understanding, it is found that some of the wet wipes on the market still contain alcohol, but the amount is small, and it is guaranteed to be within the level of not irritating the skin. Even so, this type of wet wipes is still not suitable for the application. Volatile, after wiping the skin, it is easy to reduce the surface moisture of the skin. Although it is sterilized, it is not good for the skin and may cause allergies. Therefore, it is best to prevent wet wipes with alcohol when purchasing.

Under normal circumstances, the moisture contained in the wet wipes reaches the drinking water standard, and a little natural ingredient that nourishes the skin is added appropriately. Therefore, when purchasing, you should buy from regular channels, not with fragrance or alcohol. For products with pungent taste, good quality wet wipes are not easy to fluff and redness after application, and if irritating symptoms such as redness, swelling, and tingling occur after using the wet wipes, it is recommended to stop using them immediately.

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