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Efficacy and function of banana mask

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-09-27

1. Banana mask can moisturize

Banana is a kind of fruit with large moisture content. It can provide a lot of moisture to skin cells when making a facial mask with it, which plays the role of hydrating and moisturizing. The moisturizing effect of the mask is even better because the use of honey and banana at the same time can not only replenish water but also reduce the loss of skin moisture.

2. Banana mask can whiten

There are some natural antioxidants in bananas. After bananas are made into a mask, these antioxidants will enter the skin cells and reduce the deposition of pigments on the skin surface. Regular use can have a certain whitening effect.

3. Banana mask can remove red blood streaks

The banana mask can remove the red blood from people’s faces. In life, some people’s skin is very sensitive and some red blood is often produced. A mask made of bananas can increase the activity of skin cells and increase the number of skin cells. Moisture makes the skin's keratin become more and more healthy, which also plays a role in removing red blood.

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