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Good Wet Wipes For Babies


Babies need wet wipes. Why does baby need these? They are usually soft and gentle. It also really smoothes a baby's skin. We do it thrice a day or more, it depends on the needs. A mother should be ready for this, especially when her baby defecates or crushes up, but there are pampers to hold the excrement temporarily. The mother can mop the body with wipes after that. It shouldn't cause a rash on the skin at all. The next, it really soothes the baby's skin.

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It's not the only way we use wet wipes. In tropical countries where the equator traverses above them, like Indonesia, Malaysia, we use wipes for babies frequently. The dry season is stiflingly hot. The sweat is all around the babies’ bodies; even the fan or air conditioner mustn't vent them substantially, because they are still feeble. We can't wipe the sweat with a towel or obsolete cloth or patchwork, can we? The wet wipe is the best solution. The mother shouldn't retard the time to make the babies dry up again. If she does, this will leave a rash on the skin.


In Indonesia, a mother usually wipes her baby in the supine and prone position, so that the wipes can cover the baby's body unevenly, except the face. She should do it differently for the face, She should mop the face of the baby by a soft towel which is previously soaked in warm water, She should do it gently too. A mother must be vigilant mostly 24h nonstop for taking care of her baby. When the baby catches a cold and spewing, she needs more wet wipes. All the waste from the baby's vomit is on the chest. If the baby drops tears, she should make it up with dry tissue only.


Wet wipes shouldn't be expensive, and the price must be affordable. They should be fragrant, flexible, good-quality, good-moisture, and long-durability. It shouldn't be too flabby or mushy when they are on use. There are some kinds of wet wipes; anti-bacteria, fresh wet wipe, cotton, and etc. We can be picky for them. One more time, the materials of the wet wipe must be certifiable, and the company must be a legal corporation. So, if we want to claim its' product, it will be easy for us to give denunciation for them. A customer shouldn't choose a pungent odor one when they want to buy. The baby may not like it. The portable wet wipe should also be available, and we are able to obtain them easily in the nearest shop or store. We can get a special price or discount when they are on the program of promotion. We can also choose the thicker and longer wet wipe for being frugal in using. For the baby, we should choose wet wipes that contain vitamin E inside, and this will invigorate the skin. This can also be applied to the baby's body after the baby got massaged. The massager usually uses eucalyptus oil to smear on the baby's body. After some time later, the mother can wipe the oil off the body,


Costumers must be attentive, meticulous, and paying attention to the product viscerally. Indecent products are also there, like recycled products (it, unfortunately, has abominable quality), the product which contains chemical substances which jeopardize the skin, the product which contains hard metal, and so on. We need to be careful with this problem. Unless we are, this will cause skin irritation in the future. Skin cancer is also queued up to incessantly attack. The product should be hospitable to the environment that it won't undermine or shatter it with its' chemical substances.


The wet wipes should be multi-purposes too. When the baby finishes from the bathing, the mother can use the wet wipe slowly, if the baby's towel is not around. The baby really likes the gentle touch of the mother's delicate hands. The wet wipe can be useful for wiping the area which is out of reach or uphill to reach by fingers, like earlobes, or maybe folding areas of bodies, this usually is the black area. If the black area is there, this really needs a longer time to clean, and the mother should do it for a great deal. If the dirt is there, it's possible for the wet wipe to clean it.

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