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How do men apply facial masks?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-16

1. Time to apply the mask

Men must first know when the best time to apply a mask in the day, from 12 pm to 3 am when the skin repairs damaged cells on its own, so it is best to apply it before this time or before going to bed. Helps to deliver nutrients to the bottom of the skin along with the metabolism.

2, the degree of cleansing the skin before applying the mask

Before applying the mask, you must ensure that your skin is clean, but this does not mean that you have to exfoliate every time. The natural barrier of our skin is the stratum corneum, which has the functions of preventing skin moisture loss and neutralizing pH. The metabolic cycle of the stratum corneum is 28 days, that is, the stratum corneum metabolizes some dead cells every 28 days, so it can be done at most 1 month. One-time exfoliation is enough, but frequent exfoliation will damage the stratum corneum. In addition, sensitive skin needs more attention and does not need to exfoliate too frequently. Teach men how to apply facial mask

3. Control the length of time to apply the mask

Applying the mask for too long will cause the skin to lose moisture and nutrients. Therefore, we can not only follow the instructions for applying the mask, but also estimate the approximate use time according to different masks: if the moisture content is moderate, remove it after about 15 minutes, so as to prevent the mask from absorbing moisture from the skin after it dries; The high content can be used for a while, but the maximum should not exceed 30 minutes. But if you really don't want to waste the remaining essence, you can also use it to rub other parts of your body.

4, the thickness of the mask is also particular

Do I need to put a thick layer on the mask? That's right. When we apply a thick mask on the face, the temperature of the skin increases, which speeds up blood circulation, which will make the infiltrated nutrients better spread among the cells. The water that cannot evaporate on the surface of the skin will be locked in the epidermis, making the skin silky and tight. The warming effect can also soften the cuticles, open the pores, and take the opportunity to expel the dirt deposited inside.

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