How many biomass graphene mask are produced by NOX BELLCOW per month?

The yielding capacity of NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd biomass graphene mask varies from different seasons. During the boom season, we always experience increased sales for the great performance and cheaper price. At the dull season, we have been focusing on optimizing crafts and technology to further promote our brand image.
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NOX BELLCOW is a leading company in Skin care product field in terms of market value. Freeze Dried Powder is one of NOX BELLCOW's multiple product series. The application of Hand cream is more and more popular because it has features like hand cream with spf. NBC facial masks will help to reduce excess surface oil. This product is very user-friendly, easily installed, and comes with a complete detailed operation guide including user instructions, maintenance, and installation procedures. NBC wet wipes offer a wide variety of features.

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