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How to choose good quality wet wipes?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-04-27

Wet wipes are still used in daily life. They are used to wipe the face or buttocks. When choosing, you must choose carefully. Next, I will give you a few tips to buy good quality wipes.

1. Do not buy wet wipes that have a long production date. The shelf life of wet wipes is usually more than one and a half years. It is best to use them within one year of leaving the factory. Everyone understands the reason. Many people tend to buy a lot of storage at a discount. Unless you use it quickly, this is not recommended.

2. Pay attention to the product information when buying wet wipes, including production date, manufacturer, factory address, telephone number, shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, sanitation license number, implementation sanitation standard number, instructions for use, and precautions, etc. If the information is incomplete or vague, it is best not to buy.

3. When buying, pay attention to the ingredients of the wet wipes. Don’t underestimate these square-inch wet wipes. There can be a lot of content inside. In order to achieve the moisturizing, moisturizing, and sterilizing effects required by the product, various brands of wet wipes The added ingredients of the towel are also different.

4. When using wet wipes, pay attention to the brand. Good brands are often of good quality. Large companies have advanced technology and produce relatively better paper towels. All aspects of service can also keep up.

5. Whether the wet tissue is good or not, the key is to draw a conclusion after using it. It is best to buy a small package and try it out several times at the first purchase to observe whether the skin has any bad reactions. Keep buying.

6. Wet wipes of different brands are very different in terms of hand feeling and smell. Some wet wipes are dense, some are soft, some have a fragrant smell, and some have basically no smell. You can choose according to your own preferences, it is best to buy soft and thick, without fragrance.

7. Most of the wet wipes are plain weave, some non-woven fabrics with patterns, and patterned wet wipes are visually and feel good, but the overall quality should be judged after use, cut Do not buy a lot if you think it looks good.

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