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How to do pearl powder acne mask?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2022-07-25

The method of making the pearl powder acne mask is very simple. First, prepare an egg and an appropriate amount of pearl powder. Mix the pearl powder and the egg together and use it as a mask. But before applying the mask, remember to do a good job of cleansing, which can promote better absorption by the skin.

Specific steps of pearl powder acne mask

1. Prepare materials

First, prepare the required materials, the first is eggs, beat the eggs in a bowl, only the egg white is needed, and then add a small amount of pearl powder into it, pay attention to the selection of pearl powder of good quality, and also distinguish clearly when purchasing, from Buy from regular channels to avoid buying inferior products that will hurt our skin. You can also buy pearls and grind them yourself.

2. Clean the skin

After preparing the pearl powder acne mask, the next step is to clean the skin, use a mild facial cleanser to clean our skin, remember to use warm water when washing, so that the face can be washed clean, and finally, when the mask is applied, the effect can be maximized. it is good.

3. Apply the mask

After cleaning the skin, apply the adjusted mask on the face, remember to wipe the water on the face dry, and then apply the mask evenly on the face. Just rinse it off with lukewarm water after a few minutes.

The above is the practice of pearl powder acne mask. Have you learned it? If you have learned it, hurry up and make it yourself. Remember to choose high-quality pearl powder when purchasing pearl powder, and the effect will be good.

How to choose pearl powder?

There are many types of pearl powder, and the pearl powder for oral administration must choose the nano-scale pearl powder produced by a regular pharmaceutical factory. Edible pearl powder is divided into bulk and capsule types, you can choose the type that suits you. For external pearl powder, please choose at least nano-scale external pearl powder. The pearl powder that is fine enough can better absorb the oil and dust on the face and avoid clogging the pores.

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