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How to Identify and Avoid Harmful Cosmetic Wet Wipes


You will find them in many ladies’ purses, diaper bags, glove compartments, luxury hotel rooms, and at many office desks. Wet wipes are one of the best inventions after electricity thanks to the convenience they bring to the table.

In that one wipe, you get a cleaner touch and pleasant fragrance. Cosmetic wet wipes provide a fast cleaning solution for any part of your body wherever you are. Whether it is the absence of water or you just don't want to ruin your lined up eyebrows, wet wipes come in handy to ensure you to clean what you need to and leave it well moisturized. Though wet wipes were originally made for airlines and catering companies, today they are used for all sorts of reasons, such as cleaning faces, hands, tables, etc. 


How do the cosmetic wet wipes work?

Wet wipes are made up of a nonwoven fabric with a liquid which is a cosmetic product. The liquid is what makes the wipe effective when it comes to cleaning and also leaves your skin moist and smelling well. The wipe is usually very soft and absorbent to gently wipe away any dirt from your skin or hands without causing any irritation. Some of the ingredients found in wet wipes include:

-surfactants that help remove dirt from skin




-anti-bacterial agents

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Reasons to avoid harmful wet wipes

Despite its amazing benefits, there have been reports of harmful wipes that cause rashes, irritation, burning and even bleaching. These side effects are said to be caused by the ingredients used to make the cosmetic liquid found in wet wipes. Here are some of the reasons you should avoid using harmful cosmetic wet wipes;

-Preservatives. Commercial wet wipes are full of preservatives that help them to remain fresh for long. Some of these preservatives include Bronopol, DMDM hydantoin, parabens, Phenoxyethanol and Methylisothiazolinone. Every one of these preservatives irritates the skin especially the sensitive areas like face, genitals, and baby bums. The irritation can come in the form of a rash or a very uncomfortable burn.

-Fragrances. While fragrances give wipes that nice smell, cosmetic wet wipes manufacturers will not state what ingredients are actually in the fragrances. Irritants such as phthalates, endocrine, disrupters, and neurotoxins can be found in such fragrances and they can be very harmful to your skin.

-Penetration enhancer. It is very unfortunate that some wet wipes contain penetration enhancers like propylene glycol. The compound is harmful itself and it makes all the other harmful ingredients in the wet wipes penetrate deeply into the skin.

-Triclosan. This is a chemical that is found in antibacterial wet wipes and it's a serious endocrine disrupter. The chemical is a big contributor to antibiotic resistance on top of being an irritant.

-Sodium lauryl. This is a detergent that helps to breakdown and removes dirt from the skin. Unfortunately, it's highly toxic to organs and may cause skin allergy.

-Drying alcohols. Most brands put drying alcohols in their cosmetic wet wipes because alcohol liquid kills bacteria and cleanses well. Unfortunately, it leaves your skin feeling dry and sticky.


How to Identify Harmful Wet Wipes

In their bid to outdo one another, cosmetic manufacturers praise their products with words like “No preservatives, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial”. While this may be true, it's important to check behind the pack to see the ingredients used. If you see any of the ingredients listed above, it is better to stay away from those harmful wipes.

Another way to find out if wipes are harmful is to actually buy them and use one. If the wipe irritates burns or dries up your skin, you can throw them out without hesitation. The best cosmetic wet wipes should leave your skin feeling soft and moisturized without any burning sensation.

Luckily, there are still many brands that actually manufacture very safe wet wipes that not only cleanse your skin effectively but also keeps it moist. Such wet wipes are soaks in natural cleansing oils during the production process and they are also earth-friendly. Even though cosmetic wet wipes are wonderful and convenient, you should always strive to use water to cleanse your skin in daily life as much as possible.

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