How to install bamboo charcoal mask?

The installation of bamboo charcoal mask proves to be easy and feasible for most people. We will provide the necessary spare parts and installation instructions for customers. The instructions are written in Chinese and English, as our product is supplied to both domestic and foreign markets. There will be a summary and photos clearly printed on the pages, which are easy to read for customers. Besides, we will have sales personnel to answer questions about the operation and installation. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd is widely known for producing high quality Clean beauty. The skin care product series is widely praised by customers. This kind of Skin care product is skin care mask. NBC facial masks will help to reduce excess surface oil. For those who think highly of quality, this product is a good investment for them, because it can be worn for a long period without damage. NBC wet wipes do not contain any chemical additions.

Our company is striving for green manufacturing. Rigorous conservation and efficiency programs minimize the use of natural resources and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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