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How to moisturize oily skin and sensitive skin?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-07-25

How to moisturize oily skin and sensitive skin in summer I want to know what kind of skin it is. After cleansing at night, do not use any skin care products, wait for 10 minutes, and carefully observe the state of the skin at this time in the makeup mirror. . If you feel your skin is tight, the surface is not smooth, and there are fine lines and dry lines, then your skin is slightly dry;

If you find the skin around your nose with greasy pores, blackheads, and pain in the skin around your eyes and mouth, then your skin is of mixed dry type; if you feel that the skin on your cheeks has become abnormally dry and accompanied by There is obvious itching, then your skin is extremely dry.

Symptoms of moisturizing care program for slightly dry skin: After washing the face, the skin's elasticity decreases and there is a feeling of tightness. Solution: In the dry season, in addition to basic care, that is, wash your face, apply toner, lotion, You must add a moisturizing step.

Whether you want to quickly improve your skin condition, or want to keep your skin toned for a long time, you must add hydrating steps. This is definitely not to be ignored. Carrying a nano silver antimicrobial spray is a good choice. It can soothe and calm the mood at any time. It is a must-have item for improving the dryness of the skin and replenishing moisture. There are certain skills in the use of the moisturizing spray. First, when spraying the moisturizing spray, the nozzle should keep a certain distance from the skin, about 20 cm, to avoid makeup or uneven spraying. If you are using hot spring water spray, dry it with a paper towel after about 20 seconds, otherwise, it will take away the moisture from your face.

Moisturizing steps:

1. Replenish moisture with toner. Spread the lotion evenly on the entire face and let the palms of your hands warm for 10 seconds to help absorption.

2. Adjust skin condition with hydrating essence. Pour the essence on the palm of your hand and warm it, and gently apply it to the face.

3. Use moisturizing cream for intensive hydration. Apply moisturizing cream to the entire face and choose moisturizing products.


Just doing basic moisturizing can no longer meet the needs of the skin. You must add a moisturizing essence to the dry parts. Use it before or after the mask, the moisturizing effect will be better. Make a mask regularly. After applying the mask, you can do a moisturizing and hydrating essence treatment on the dry part. Although this skin care step is inverted, it can more effectively nourish the skin.

The law of moisturizing:

It is more important to moisturize at the same time! If you think that the nourishment of the lotion is not enough, then you should choose moisturizing cream! Pay attention to choosing mild, non-irritating, and good moisturizing products.

1. Spiral massage doubles the absorption effect. Apply moisturizing cream and follow the lines of facial muscles to perform spiral massage to stimulate skin activity and help nutrient absorption.

2. Steam the skin pores with steam. Prepare a washbasin filled with hot water to steam the facial skin to open the pores.

3. Prepare a hot towel for skin care. Prepare a hot towel, gently apply it to the face, and steam for 10 seconds to promote the microcirculation of the skin.

4. Finger pressing method promotes microcirculation, gently press the face with the fingers of both hands to increase the vitality of the skin, and the forehead and chin should also be pressed.

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