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How to moisturize oily skin, dry skin, and combination skin?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-07-27

We all know that skin is generally divided into three types: oily skin, dry skin, and mixed skin. Let's talk about how to moisturize these skins separately! Oiliness-water and oil balance are the key. Many friends have a certain misunderstanding about oily skin, thinking that oily skin does not need to be hydrated. This is wrong. In fact, oily skin needs more hydration.

Oily skin;

Cleaning oily skin is the most difficult. If the facial cleanser is not well chosen, it will not be clean. Generally, we should choose deep cleansing when choosing a facial cleanser. Do not choose a moisturizing facial cleanser. The facial cleanser is milky foam, it can not be washed clean!

We need to take a toner after cleansing. Toner has a secondary cleansing effect. It can not only help remove excess oil in the pores but also help shrink the pores.

A hydrating mask must be used. The mask can more effectively absorb water and achieve long-term hydration and lock-in moisture.

Dry skin:

Dryness——Prevent fine lines. From the beginning of hydration to dry skin, when the moisture is insufficient in autumn, it will be drier in winter, resulting in fine and dry lines.

Dry skin does not need to control oil. In the choice of facial cleanser, you can use a clean facial cleanser or a moisturizing facial cleanser according to your own usage.

Dry skin must use a deep moisturizing and repairing face cream. Moisturizing cream has sufficient moisture. Choosing a good moisturizing cream is the key to determining the moisturizing effect.

The mask is a moisturizing mask and a water-locking mask. The two masks are used alternately. At least one mask is required every week. Only persistence is the key to moisturizing.

Combination skin:

Combination-to distinguishes good areas. We all know that the cheeks on both sides of the mixed skin are relatively dry, and the middle T-shaped part should be oily. At this time, the distinction between areas is particularly important.

Mixed skin should pay more attention to the cleanness of the T-shaped area when cleaning, and massage the face more after the facial cleanser, especially the T-shaped area. When choosing a facial cleanser, you should still use a clean facial cleanser.

You can use two types of softening lotion. First, apply the moisturizing softening lotion to the entire face, then apply the refreshing type to the T-shaped area, or use the refreshing type directly, but after using the softening lotion, Pay attention to the choice of moisturizer.

The emulsion is an indispensable hydrating artifact for mixed skin. Apply it on the dry cheeks. After applying the lotion on the T zone and forehead, wipe off the excess lotion with a tissue to balance the skin's moisture. Oil secretion makes the skin more moisturized in autumn and winter. 

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