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How to moisturize skin care tips to make skin moisturized and shiny?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-07-20

1. Drink water correctly. Drink water properly every day to keep your skin moisturized, not the more you drink, the better. Drinking about 1800ml of water every day is enough to meet the body's water needs. Drinking too much will increase the burden on the kidneys, which is not conducive to the skin's water retention. In addition, when drinking water, sip it. It is best to avoid drinking a lot of water at once.

2. Moisturizing cream Moisturizing products are essential in daily life, especially moisturizing cream. Many skinny MMs don't like to use it, so I think the skin will become oilier after using it. In fact, this understanding is wrong. The correct hydrating step should be to replenish oil first and then hydrate, so as to achieve a better hydrating effect. Therefore, proper application of moisturizer is very helpful for skin moisturizing.

3. The best time to replenish water is not only to use some skin care products to replenish water, but also to choose the right time to replenish water. Many people put their skin care work at night, but moisturizing is actually done after getting up in the morning. Sleep will cause the skin to evaporate about 200ml of water. Drinking water on an empty stomach after waking up can replenish the moisture needed by the body in time, restore the luster and softness of the skin, and avoid dryness.

4. Applying a facial mask is an important step for many people to moisturize in autumn. Various fresh moisturizing masks are also countless. But the mask cannot be applied every day. The nutrient content of the mask is very high. If applied every day, it will irritate the facial skin and cause excessive nutrition.

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