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How to whiten and moisturize? Want to have baby-like skin?

by:NOX BELLCOW     2021-07-21

In the spring, ultraviolet rays are also beginning to strengthen, so you must be prepared for sun protection when you go out. You must apply sunscreen half an hour before going out. Especially for girls who work outdoors, or girls who face the computer for a long time, we must form melanin in the house. If we want skin whitening, we must first isolate any external pollution. In terms of choosing skin care products in spring, winter skin care products are no longer suitable for spring use, so be sure to choose skin care products that contain high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients. Because the skin is in a hydrated state, whitening is not a problem. Only when moisturizing ingredients can penetrate into the stratum corneum of the skin can the skin be kept in a hydrated state at all times.

When using a facial cleanser manufacturer, the movements should be gentle. Be sure to apply rich foam to the facial cleanser first, and then apply it to the skin and massage slowly. It will not damage the stratum corneum of the skin, and the cleaning time should not be too long, and it should not be used with hot water. Hot and cold water must be used alternately. Warm water makes the pores open to better clean the dirt, and then use cold water to shrink the pores.

Whitening and moisturizing lotion is also indispensable, and daily normal skin care steps cannot be omitted. Carefully clean the facial skin every morning and evening. Apply moisturizing toner immediately after cleansing, followed by eye cream-lotion-essence milk. Whitening lotion can further prevent the formation of melanin. Mask, want to quickly moisturize and moisturize the skin, want to whiten the skin immediately. Then use the moisturizing mask and the whitening mask alternately.

The essence of the facial mask can be used as an emergency remedy. Insist on using whitening or moisturizing masks alternately every day for a week, and the skin will be instantly hydrated and white.

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