Is firming mask tested before shipment?

Yes, we ensure sufficient inspection of the finished products before they are shipped out of the factory. NOX BELLCOW Cosmetics Co., Ltd has been focusing on the manufacturing of firming mask for years. We are proficient in conducting quality control methods, including appearance inspection, tests on product performance, and functionality inspections. There is a quality control team arranged for product quality enhancement. Once there are defectives found, they will be removed to increase the pass rate. If you are interested in our quality control process, please contact us to apply for a factory visit.
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NOX BELLCOW is renowned for the strong capacities of designing, producing, and marketing Freeze Dried Powder. We are widely believed in the industry. wet tissue is the main product of NOX BELLCOW. It is diverse in variety. NOX BELLCOW Clean beauty has to go through the following basic steps: 3D model designing, 3D wax printing, casting the wax model into metal, and basic assembly. NBC skin products help keep the ecological stability of the skin. The product features obvious accuracy. Its digital template and autonomous machining function can help eliminate human error, achieving maximum accuracy. NBC skin products are gentle and effective.

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