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Macaron Bubble Mask - Purple

Original purple color.

Separation of acid and alkali by double-chamber tube.

Bohr effect skin care with novel foaming design.

The pH of the mixed and foamed weak acid interior material is close to the weak acid of skin 

Macaron Bubble Mask - Yellow

Super vitamin A can directly reach skin and reduce fine lines.

Agave leaf extract can regulate skin water-oil balance. 

Mung bean enzyme can efficiently condition oily skin.

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Macaron Bubble Mask - Pink

Conotoxin can effectively fade skin wrinkles.

Polypeptide complex can resist wrinkles in multiple ways.

Astaxanthin can resist oxidation and brighten skin.

Foaming principle: 

The mixed sodium bicarbonate (chamber A)+ citric acid (chamber B) can produce carbon dioxide and bubbles, which will make the spreading area larger to contact fully with skin. Then, the occurrence of the Boer effect promotes skin metabolism to a certain extent.

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Bohr effect: 

When the partial pressure of carbon dioxide increases, oxygen changes after combining with heme, and it can be released to the surrounding tissues more easily. This phenomenon is called the Bohr effect. Under the Bohr effect, the oxygen content increases, which makes the blood vessels dilate and promotes the cell metabolism.

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