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NANO Acne Removal Patch

NANO Acne Removal Patch

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Entering the New NANO Era  with Nano Firming Mask

By using the patented Nano Electrostatic Spinning Technology to weave the nano-class collagen protein fibre into solid essence mask.


01.Solid, no additive

Different from the traditional liquid-base mask, this series of masks features high concentrated solid essence. Water-free solid state prevent bacterial from growing. No additive, no preservative and fragrance.


02.Instant absorption

It can be absorbed by the skin instantly as the concentration difference between the high concentration of the essence and that of the skin.


03.Deep penetration

Comparing to the micrometer of normal fibre, the diameter of the nano fiber used in the Nano Instant Collagen Tightening Mask is around 80-700nm which can be absorbed by the skin quickly.


04.Tight and adhesive

The smaller the diameter of a single fiber, the bigger the specific surface area it has. Thus, the specific surface area of the nano fiber is big and is able to cover a bigger, uneven area of the skin surface.


05.Instant, long-lasting coverage

Made of high molecule collagen, the mask instantly smoothened small wrinkles. The multiplied collagen peptide effectively enhances the formation of collagen to bring long-lasting suppleness to the skin.

Star Product: Anti-aging and Tightening Mask


 Core Technology

Patented Nano Electrostatic Spinning Technology 

Electrostatic Spinning Technology is a method that turns macro molecular solution into nano fiber in high voltage.

Thickness of skin of the face

(Average thickness is 0.5-4.0mm)

Stratum Corneum



Collagen deeply penetrates 


Easier to be absorbed


Four Efficacies:

- Tight, adhesive and invisible

- No additive and safe

- Deeply penetrate and repair damages

- Hydrating, repair acne marks

Summary of Nano Instant Facial Masks


Product PictureProduct Name

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NANO Instant Dissolved Tightening Body-part Mask Set

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Tightening & Repairing Mask

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NANO Collagen Instant Thickening Mask

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NANO Collagen Instant Thickening Eye Mask

Star Product

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NANO Acne Removal Patch

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