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NBC’s Nano mask quantifies electrospinning technology into better enjoyment


NBC’s vice president (Research & Development) Yao Xiaofeng was invited to give a speech at the InnoCosme2019 – the third China Cosmetic Summit (Guangzhou), interacting with various industrial influencers over topics on technological breakthrough in facial mask manufacturing and how such technology brings facial mask into the hi-tech era. Nanofiber electrospinning technology and the efficacies of facial mask are compatible to each other since the selections of craftsmanship, material and ingredients are all decisive elements to the result of the product, leading facial mask to enter the ‘nano era’. 

NOX BELLCOW-Nbc’s Nano Mask Quantifies Electrospinning Technology Into Better Enjoyment

Yao Xiaofeng, vice president of NBC (Research & Development) pointed out that nano will become one of the major technologies in the 21st century


Discover the mystery of nano technology 

Reveal a new ‘nano mask’ era

Vice president (Research & Development) Yao Xiaofeng’s speech titled ‘Application of nanofiber electrospinning technology and facial mask efficacy’, adopting a scientific approach when interpreting the latest development of facial mask, showcasing products of the result of nanofiber electrospinning technology, allowing more people to understand the research and application of this technology.

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Since we have entered the nano technology era, this technology explores the active substances to its highest potential, broadening the applications of the cosmetic products. What’s the magic about nano technology?


First, the bio-durability of nano material comes with a larger surface than normal material, ensuing closing contact with the skin to create bigger reaction. The special features of nano material strengthened the efficacies of the product. In this regard, NBC is actively involving in the development of nano material for.

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Apart from nano technology, Yao also mentioned the importance of the safety and functions of nano carrier. The penetrability of the nano carrier has a direct effect to our skin as it transmits into the stratum corneum and reaches the skin cell, effectively releases ingredients into the skin.

NBC has built a comprehensive system to archive knowledge and assessment over the researches to lead facial mask into a new era. Through the studies of the form, application and risk of the carrier, and tested repeatedly to ensure the best form of carrier is highly functional.


The innovative electrospinning technology transform into the new trend of nanofiber mask


The development of nano skin care products requires sophisticated technology to support. The leading electrospinning technology is to form nanofiber by turning high molecule solution under a high voltage electric field. NBC manages to obtain the patent in using electrospinning technology to produce nanofiber as the material for facial mask. As a result, the Nano Instant Tightening Mask is born to offer new skin care experience to users.

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The material and essence formula are the differences that differentiate traditional facial mask and NBC’s reformed mask. Employing the electrospinning technology, the Nano Instant Tightening Mask is formed by solidifying the nano-sized collagen and active peptide. The mask is solidified and no preservative, instant absorption, deeply penetrable and adhesive, apply onto the wet skin and the condensed collagen will be dissolved into the skin immediately, smoothing the wrinkles and water-plumbing to the skin to restore radiance and firmness.

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Collagen and water lose easier in the delicate eye area, wrinkles easily formed. To tackle this problem, NBC invented the Nano Instant Tightening Eye Mask which smooth wrinkles and dissolve dark circles of the eye area. Apply the mask onto the wet eye area for two second to allow full absorption and pull off. The nano collagen penetrates into the skin for revitalization result.


At the moment, only few cosmetic brands managed to use the nano electrospinning technology, not to mention manufacturers of mass production. NBC is the first manufacturer who managed the production skill and launched the products to the market. The instant effect has shaken the concept of consumers over facial mask.

Moving forward, NBC will further develop the nano electrospinning technology to give additional functions to products to tackle any skin problems. With this in mind, popularizing medical beauty products is to meet the needs of consumers who are looking for multi-functional mask, yet, it is also the reason why nano technology is leading a new future to the cosmetic field.

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