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NBC attended the Chinese Medicine Cosmetology Summit, exploring the opportunity of expanding Chinese herbal cosmetic products internationally


In recent years, the market share of China-made cosmetic products has been expanding. The continuous growth of the domestic products has become the major force in the market. According to Economic News, among the TOP 100 cosmetic brands being sold domestically, 40% are brands from China. When China-made products are all the rage, the focus lies on introducing the traditional Chinese medicine to the cosmetic industry in order to improve competitiveness, whilst bringing Chinese herbal cosmetic to the international stage.

The Second Chinese Medicine Cosmetology Summit was ended on 22 September 2019. Experts and representatives from the medical, pharmaceutical and beauty sectors from different parts of China attended to exchange ideals on the key researches on the basic of using Chinese herbal for cosmetic products. As the summit was of academic level, it was co-organized by the TCM Beauty Industry Committee of WFCMS, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and NBC to establish an exchange platform for the industry for future development, aiming to introduce Chinese herbal cosmetic products to the world.

NOX BELLCOW-Nbc Attended The Chinese Medicine Cosmetology Summit

The history of using Chinese herbal medicine in beauty sector since a thousand years ago in China. However, it is still a new concept in the international market which educating the consumers and building their confidence are of the utmost priority. In order to get into the international market, understanding their sales strategy is important. As a result, Qiu Xiaofeng, vice president of research of NBC shared the experience of NBC in the participation of Cosmetic 360, stressing the importance of understanding the needs of the international consumers, along with the focus on research and technology.

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Photo: Qiu Xiaofeng (left three), vice president of NBC shared his experience with the audiences

As a reputable ODM in the sector, NBC has been dedicated in promoting the benefits of using Chinese herbal medicine in beauty products, actively involved in research and development, and educating the sector as well. Taking the herb mask series developed by NBC as an example. By combining the essence of herbal plants and plant fiber in creating the breathable fiber mask, a more natural and safety experience is introducing to the consumers. Such development best demonstrated that whilst NBC understanding the beauty trend well, the concept of blending Chinese herbal into skin care procedures is fully mastered – delivering the best research result to the industry.

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Photo: NBC Herbal Mask Series – Mugwort Facial Mask

NBC is committed to bringing the best quality out of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine in making beauty products through research and development. It is an important journey to expand the industry to the international world, thus, the summit was the first big step to coming production, studies and research together in coming up with the best quality of products to the world. With this breakthrough, the beauty could further expand to the world, whilst contributing to building confidence among consumers. 

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