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New Product | Nox Bellcow Together With Shengquan Group Has Launched The Biomass Graphene Mask


  Nox Bellcow Together With World's Leading Supplier of Biomass Graphene, The Shengquan Group, Has Launched A Biomass Graphene Mask That Has Unique Property of Super-Strong Adsorption, Far Infrared Emission, Highly Efficient In Antibacterial Function. It Can Also Generate Negative Ions and Is Environmental Friendly; Creating A New Trend of Black Mask In The Beauty Skincare Market.


     Graphene Is Called The "Black Gold" Material, and Biomass Graphene Is An Important Member of The Large Group of Graphene, Which Is Derived from The Extraction of Natural Corncob. This Kind of Nano-Powder and Micro-Film Are Made By Raw Material With Graphene Structure Derived from Natural Green Plant Straw As. Beside Thermal Conductivity, Graphene Also Has Good Properties Such As Conductivity. It Also Has The Unique Property Of Super-Strong Adsorption, Far Infrared Emission, Highly Efficient In Antibacterial Function. It Can Generate Negative Ions and Has Other Characteristics. What A Bright Future Can We Expect, On This Combination Of Biomass Graphene Fibre And Skincare Essence?

The Prestige Launch Of The Biomass Graphene Mask

 A Powerful Joint Cooperation

      Followed By Market Competition and The Demands Of Consumers, The Standard of Mask Is Constantly Overstating. In Order to Meet The Requirement of The Product Competitiveness of The Brand Side, And Constant Changes In The High Demand on Consumer Side; The Innovative and Developmental of Nox Bellcow Is No Longer Satisfied With The Mask Material That Is Already In Market. Thus, We Join Hands With Shengquan Group to Accurately Taking Control In The Industry And The Market Trends, Together We Enhance The Core Competitiveness of Mask Products.


(The Industrial Centre, Jinan Shengquan Group Co., Ltd.)

Shengquan Group, Crowned As One Who Knows How to “Turn Stones Into Gold,” Was Established In 1979. It Is One of China's Top 500 Private Manufacturing Enterprises With 6 High-Tech Companies. It Has Awarded The "Key National Enterprise of Agricultural Industrialisation," "National Technological Innovation Demonstration Enterprises," "National Intelligent Property Rights Demonstration Enterprise," And The First Batch Of National “Green Factory," And Other Honourable Awards.

Shengquan Group, Together With Heilongjiang University, Has Jointly Developed A New Global Hot Material - Biomass Graphene, By Using Plant Straw Cellulose. They Are World's First to Realise The Industrial Production of Biomass Graphene, As Well As on Commercial Applications. They Are The Global Pioneer Developer of Biomass Graphene Warm Fibre. Whether In International or Domestic Market, They Have Long Become A Household Name In The R & D of Graphene Industry. Using Natural Green Plant Straw As Raw Material and With Patented Technology, Their Method of Preparing Graphene Not Only Won Them The National Invention Patent; But Also Received The Patent Authorisation Notice From The Us Patent and Trademark Office, As Well As The Japanese Government’S Patent Certificate. They Have Won Approval Both At Home and Overseas.

Nox Bellcow Has Long Been Committed to The Research and Development on High-Quality Mask, Introducing Many Popular Mask Series Products. Now, The Pursuit of Excellence In Mask Material Can Be Highly Speculated In The Cooperation With Shengquan Group; The Launching of Biomass Graphene Mask Sure Will Become A New Star In The Mask Industry!

5 Special Features

Reveals The Mysterious Truth of Biomass Graphene Mask

          What Is The Magic of Biomass Graphene Mask?

          Biomass Graphene Derived from Natural Plant Straw Corncob, Is Prepared By Green, Renewable Recycling Process. It Is A Green Environmental Friendly Fibre. Besides Having Graphene’S Thermal Conductivity, It Has Good Properties Such As Conductivity And Magnetism of Graphene. It Also Has The Unique Property of Super-Strong Adsorption, Far Infrared Emission, Highly Efficient In Antibacterial Function. It Can Generate Negative Ions and Has Other Characteristics.

         Hence, The Mask Cloth Made af Biomass Graphene Fibre, Has Stronger Adsorption Capacity, It Easily Absorbs Dirt And Make-Up Residue on Skin. The Excellent Antibacterial Effect Can Better Prevent Skin to Have Acne Breakout. In Addition, It Has Far Infrared Emission Which Enhances The Absorption of Essence on Skin. When The Temperature and Pressure Changes, The Graphene In The Mask Continues to Produce Negative Ions, Anti-Oxidation and Anti-Aging, Reduces Free Radicals.

               There Is Hopeful Prospect in Biomass Graphene Material Research and Development. Under The Powerful Joint Venture of Nox Bellcow and Shengquan Group, This New Biomass Graphene Material No Longer An Impossible Dream In Laboratory Science and Technology. Gradually, It Enters People's Daily Skincare Routine, Releasing The Power of Black Mask, And Further Improves Consumer's Skincare Experiences!