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Wet Wipes Classification

Introduction of Wet Wipes
There are many kinds of wet tissue, which clean wet wipe is in the widest use, and it is easy to carry. When you go out and you cannot wash something, cleaning are available at any time, at any time, it is very convenient. Remover type wet wipes clean components and moisturizing ingredients, can remove makeup residue, add water, avoiding facial stem line. Infantile type wet wipes with aloe, glycerol and other ingredients, mild nature. The family type wet wipes the cheapest price, suitable for cleaning requires high degree of family. 

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Wet Wipes Purchase Notes
The selection of wet wipe should know the different wet tissue types, according to their own needs for the selection of. Pay attention to packaging factory name, the site should be above, telephone, shelf-life, effective components, production batch number, production date, health permits, implementation of the health standard, the use of descriptions and matters needing attention. Different wet paper towels have different shelf life of ordinary wipes for cleaning the skin, expiration period is generally 6 months years. Disinfectant wet wipe is divided into two categories, for a small wound and surrounding skin cleaning and disinfection; the other is a broad-spectrum bactericidal effect, for skin cleaning, lubrication, disinfection, sterilization and daily necessities, sanitary cleaning sterilization, these two kinds of antiseptic wipes the shelf-life of 2 years. Special care baby wipes for cleaning and nursing care of infants with facial or buttocks, shelf life is generally 1.53 years. Lady’s remover wet wipes quality generally for a period of 3 years; women's care wet wipes quality generally for a period of 1 years. In addition to the attention of the senses, the qualified wipe has a soft, elegant taste, texture white, after use will not fluff. There are special attention to the packing sealing, bagged wet packing should be sealed, must not be damaged; boxed and canned wet tissue packing should be intact, not damaged. Packing seal is good, in order to keep wet disinfection role effectiveness. Using wet, should be immediately posted a good seal, to avoid the heat or sunlight, causing wipes drying effect.

The Use of Baby Wet Wipes
Baby newborn skin is delicate, after each toilet, use Baby Wet Wipes can let little ass clean, comfortable. Baby out with a lot of inconvenience, carrying a wet tissue package, can wipe small painted face, small hands dirty and stinky butt, it is convenient.
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