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The Recent Situation of Wet Wipes Market


China facial cleansing wipes market

As the product renewal speed is going to be accelerated ceaselessly, especially in the paper industry, facial cleansing wipes started quietly development. A thin sheet often makes people forget the existence of wet tissue is lost, but the price per piece 3 to 6 cents. However, the knowledge is not small, there are many people don't know what it is, and a little wet tissue also has big market. Especially in 2003 after the SARS, China facial cleansing wipes market begins to make a spurt of progress of development, new brand ceaseless emerge in large numbers, product range is increasing.

The situation of the market

In the situation of wet wipes are facing the huge consumer market, 2012 Guangzhou living paper exhibition will open wet tissue display area. At the appointed time, participating enterprises through samples show, and from more than 20 countries including India, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Burma, Laos, Kampuchea, Indonesia, Philippines, Iran, Israel, Arabia, Nepal, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and regions more than 1000 professional buyers business negotiations and the establishment of cooperation opportunity. At present, China's wet towel industry although there are dozens of enterprise product sales in the market, but has not formed a certain scale, and consumption consciousness also has not been established, so through the Guangzhou international exhibition will be wet paper towels paper products as an independent category market promotion will accelerate the industry development. Manufacturers should take the Guangzhou international living paper show this propaganda brand image and display the best platform for wet tissue paper products. Data shows, our country wet towel industry is rapidly developing initial stage, with consumer price coordinates for reference, consumers purchase ability and reduce the product cost when combined, is our country wet tissue market blowout period.
facial cleansing wipes

Composition of hand sanitizing wipes

Composition for wet wipes quality is very important. Don't underestimate the heart size wipes. In order to achieve the product needs of moisturizing, antibacterial effect, the brand of wet ingredients are different, some of the baby products are in good quality and some are not good nor bad, but also some composition of hand sanitizing wipes may harm the baby, so, my mother at the time of purchase, do not neglect this aspect. We choose the wet tissue must be optimistic about the time it sealed packaging. Since the packing seal is good, so keep wet disinfection role regarding the efficacy of high. Bagged wet packing should be sealed, must not be damaged; boxed and canned wet tissue packaging should also be intact, not damaged. The new parents in using wet wipes must be immediately posted a good seal, to avoid the heat or sunlight, causing the wet dry and affect its use effect.
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