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What is Wet Tissue?


Introduction of wet tissue

The majority of additives by chemical name indicate that every consumer cannot read. How to identify? First look at the composition of water in wet tissue. It is a refined water, pure water, pure water or RO. The liquid content of wipes generally accounted for about 80% of the content is too low, wet paper towels feel more dry, in contrast, high levels of feeling too wet, is inconvenient. Wet tissue may be one of the most convenient items if you have one at hand. Wet wipes are produced as air-laid paper where the fibres are carried and formed to the structure of paper by air. They are moistened with water or other liquids like isopropyl alcohol depending on the applications. The paper might be treated with softeners, lotions or added perfume to get the right properties or feeling. The finished wet wipes are folded and put in pocket size package or a box dispenser. The wet tissue is the main component of non-woven fabrics, water, additive, various brands wet difference mainly in all kinds of additives, though, but more or less the same role.

Checking the wet tissue

A lot of famous brand of wet wipes is containing the composition. We can identify whether the preservatives, phenoxyethanol, p-hydroxybenzoic acid, nipag in methyl these components. Wipes contain large amounts of water and different material, in order to maintain the effective physical activity, must be added with preservative, but usually content is low, will not produce negative effect. Look at the antibacterial agent composition, which includes the sodium lactate, Eucalyptus leaves. There are many kinds of antibacterial agents, both synthetic antibacterial agents and natural antibacterial agent. Role of just as its name implies, kill bacteria, inhibit bacterial reproduction. Its non ionic surface active agents include polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyether. Washing powder and most of the detergents containing non-ionic surface active agent, specific roles are used to remove dirt and grease, achieve clean.You can also watch the moisturizing agent propylene glycol and see has is it right? Propylene glycol will be a solvent, and moisturizing agent. It can help in liquid active substance dissolved in water, so water is not easy to volatilize out, and have antibacterial, antiseptic effect, so almost all use wet wipes which are.
wet tissue

Wet wipes manufactures

There are many wet wipes manufactures. Gently cleans and moisturizes at every diaper change. Gentle enough for cleaning your's face and hands. It can leaves your with a fresh, clean scent with sofy and thick for gentle cleansing and keep away from the reach of children. In addition to other natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus leaf extract, natural bactericide. The wet wipes manufacturers remind, excessive exposure, exposure to excess preservatives, alcohol and other chemical composition, health impact, cause contact dermatitis skin allergy and other problems. And its general use wet paper towels and not to wash their hands, so wet tissue chemical composition will be left in the hands of children, and this is not conducive to health.
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