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Disposable Wet Tissue

What should you know about disposable wet tissue? I had reviewed many brands of disposable wet tissue, and so what should you know – the fact?
Wet tissue, in general, comes into 2 categories:
(1) First, the formula contains only cleansing agents just to clean the grease on your cleaning subject; and
(2) Second, the formula contains only preservative for “disinfecting” the cleaning subject.
wet wipe
In actual fact, the most ideal formula for a wet wipe should contain formula for cleaning the grease and disinfecting the cleaning subject. I guess due to the buying pressure and competition, many brands simply could not afford to contain both functions in their packing. However, that doesn’t mean there are no brands that contain both. Indeed, so far, I notice some brands that proudly hold the faith of both!
Most importantly, I want to bring to your attention is about the “disinfecting range” of the wet tissues. In most formulas that I had seen, they use only preservative as the disinfecting agents. Do they really disinfect your cleaning subjects? Not really…. I hope the answer does not surprise you!
What these preservative really does in the packing is to keep the material from further infection/contamination, if any. What you are cleaning on the subject is only a really clean facial cleansing wipes (clean as in clean as per last standard during packing). They don’t really “disinfect” your subjects; they only act as a clean wet tissue, with liquid content, to wet your subject, hopefully to remove some grease off it.
Wet cleaning wipes are convenient at home, in the car, and just about anywhere else the occasional spill or mess may happen. To really disinfect your cleaning subject, ensure you are really using disinfecting formula that does the jobs. Wet tissue, in general, is equivalent to a clean wet tissue with preservative!
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