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Notes for Using Sanitizing Wipes


Two categories of sanitizing wipes

Currently the so-called "sanitizing wipes" products are divided into two categories, one is the product is sterilized itself, but it does not have the function to disinfect other items, wipe hands by this wipe will not for bacteria on the hands. And the other kind Hand Sanitizing Wipes can not only sterilize itself, but has disinfection function for something else. But the effectiveness of disinfection is limited, which can only be used as clean and sanitary purposes.

Wet wipe is loved by more and more people

In the hot summer, many people like to take disinfectant wipes along with them, which cannot only clean your hands, but also can be used to wipe the sweat from your face, which is both convenient and cool. Wet wipe is loved by more and more people of all ages as an easy to use sanitary product. Sterilization remover, baby dedicated, women care ... facial cleansing wipes and the products with variety efficacy attract consumers to buy. Well, can wet wipes really clean, sterilize and care your skin? In the selection and use of disinfectant wipes, there are a few points need to pay attention; otherwise it will bring harm to the skin.

1. Sanitizing wipes are generally divided into non-incense and flavor; the best choice is the no flavor type to minimize skin irritation, especially sensitive skin.
2. Not all disinfectant wipes can be used to clean the face, using ordinary wipes may damage delicate facial skin. If you want to use it to clean the face, you must see the specification on wipes packaging: “can be used to clean the face” words.
3. Sanitizing wipes are generally available for several packaging, some are one pack, 2 packs, 10 packs or 10 independent loading, try to select the individually wrapped as much as possible, so you can try to keep moisturizing and disinfecting function of wet wipes. When using non-individually wrapped wipes, you should promptly post the seal after extracting one, in order to avoid high temperatures or direct sunlight, causing dry wipes to affect the use effects.
4. Note about the irritating, not directly rub eyes, broken skin by wet wipes, if there is skin irritation, itching, irritations and other symptoms after using wet wipes, you should immediately stop using.
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