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Ordinary Wet Wipes cannot be used to Wipe Face and Mouth


Application of ordinary wet wipes

Ordinary wet wipes cannot be used to wipe the face and mouth, but can be used to wipe the hands and feet, limbs and other parts which are less prone to infection or irritation. Ordinary wet wipes refer to the wet wipes in addition to medical wet wipes, including Baby Wet Wipes. The baby delicate little ass only can use wet pipes in the absence of redness, rash, broken skin. Once the diaper rash symptoms appear, stop to use the wet pipes, and why?

Wet wipes contain preservatives to keep not moldy

Wet wipes are frequently used when you go out to play and take care of the baby, which are the common supplies of modern city life. What do you use as a standard to measure the pros and cons at the selection of wet wipes? No spices, no fluorescent brighteners, skin moisturizing ingredients, including aloe, chamomile and other anti-allergy ingredient, brand, price, size of the tissue thickness ......what about preservatives? Humid environment is most suitable for breeding microorganisms. Since ordinary wet wipes will not take to irradiate the gamma-ray for sterilization like medical wet wipe, how to maintain the wet wipe not moldy? The answer is the preservatives! No wet wipes manufacturers can guarantee their wet wipes don't have preservatives; of course, they will not mark what kind of preservatives containing. Carefully look at the ingredient list of wet wipes, it is marked with the main components, there is no full ingredient list, because the wet wipes do not belong to cosmetics, which will not be mandatorily required to list all ingredients, so preservatives are naturally ignored by the ingredient list.

Ordinary wet wipes cannot be used to wipe face and mouth

Wet wipes contain preservatives, though we cannot force manufacturers to clearly mark, but we also need to know about it. Moreover, such preservatives cannot be Paraben that we discuss in cosmetics, because Paraben cost is too high. Under the controlled conditions, the manufacturers will naturally select the antiseptic at low price, with good sterilization effect, that is, more toxic, so the ordinary wet wipes cannot be used to wipe face and mouth.

Expert suggestion for wet wipe usage
The experts advise that the wet wipes contain a variety of additives, excessive contact may cause skin allergies, the best method of disinfection is to wash your hands with soap and rinse with water. The doctors suggest that less to wipe face with a wet wipe, in particular, do not directly rub eyes, middle ear and mucosa, which also cannot be used to rub the wound or private parts, and other sensitive parts. If you have skin redness, itching, and other symptoms after using wet wipes, you should immediately stop using.
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