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How to Buy Baby Wet Wipes?


Baby wipes are essential items for parents

When go out with a small baby, baby wipes are essential items, but how to choose baby wipes? Health security has been one of the greatest concerns of parents. As one of the essential goods for parents when go out with your baby, buy wet wipe is very skillful, let's take a look at the experience summed up by experienced moms to see how to buy baby wipes.
1. Shelf life. Baby wet wipes are specifically used for cleaning and care the baby face or buttocks; shelf life is generally 1.5-3 years.
2. Packaging. The qualified packaging should have factory name and address, production batch number, date of production, health permit number, perform health standard number, the shelf life, the active ingredients, instructions for use and precautions contents.
Baby Wet Wipes
3. Sensuality. The qualified wet wipes have a soft, elegant taste, white texture, which will not fluff after use.
4. Irritation. Generally you cannot directly wipe eyes, middle ear mucosa with wet wipes, but should be used in other places. If you have skin redness, itching, irritations and other symptoms after using Baby Wet Wipes, you should immediately stop using and go to the hospital for emergency call if it is serious.
5. Tightness. Pocket wet wipes packaging should be sealed and not damaged; boxed and canned wet wipes packaging should keep complete state without damage. The baby wet wipes sealed packaging is in order to maintain the disinfection effects of wet wipes. In everyday use, wet wipes shall be promptly posted with a good seal after use, to avoid high temperatures or direct sunlight, to avoid dry wet wipes and affect the results.
6. Sealing and opening way. The premise of wet wipes function is moisturizing, if packaging tightness is not good enough, it will soon volatile and become dry towel, which cannot achieve the desired cleaning effect. So whether to buy or use, you should pay attention to sealing, after extract and using wet wipes, gently press to ensure the relative sealing performance of the remaining wet wipes.
7. Specifications. Specification refers to the length x width of monolithic wet wipe, for consumers, at the same price, the bigger area of wet wipes, the more cost-effective, but as disposable consumer goods, if the specification of the wet wipes is too big, it will inevitably lead to waste.
8. Odor. Different brands of wet wipes is different in the smell, some are fragrant, and some have no odor, consumers can choose favorite brands according to their preferences, it is recommended to buy safer light scent.
9. Quality. Quality is not just the sheer weight of the paper, also includes wet wipe paper weight, water content and weight of the additive, but individual wet wipe has different specifications, so this data can only show whether the wet wipes connotation is rich or not, the mother can use glass dish to place monolithic wet wipes to obtain data on the electronic scale.
10. Thickness. For wet wipes thickness test, we can take visually observation and feel to determine. We usually consider that a thick wet wipe feels better and has a strong use, on the contrary, thin wet wipes are relatively easy to tear during use process, affecting its cleaning ability.
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