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General Information About Baby Wet Wipes


What is baby wipe?

Baby wipe is kind of wet wipes, and specifically for baby using. Unlike ordinary wet wipes, baby wipes generally do not add flavors and fragrances to avoid causing irritation to the baby's skin. In addition, baby wipes do not like aother wet tissue, they dre non-alcoholic.
Nox-Bellcow Baby Wet Wipes
Product Features:
Effectively prevent red ass skin. While cleaning baby skin, it also leaves a layer of moisture protective film which will help prevent red skin soft protection for the baby. The experiment shows that it is pure and gentle, and non-alcoholic as well. Even the newborn baby is also safe to use.
Is baby wipe good for baby?
Baby wipes are essential for parents. Especially in summer, babies are easy to get sweating; therefore baby wipes are the most convenient thing for parents.
1.Baby wet wipes can also be used for the baby after toilet. Besides of cleaning function, it also can provide moisturizing to baby's skin.
2. Easy to carry out. The babies often drool or exposed to dirt. In outdoor it is inconvenient to wash their hands, and then you can solve those problems with baby wet wipes.
Baby Wet Wipes
Tips for purchaing baby wet wipes
Generally speaking, adult wipes are not suitable for baby using. So parents need to buy baby wet wipes manufactured especially for babies. When buying baby wipes, there are some points you need to pay attention to as following: 1.Sensory: qualified wet baby wipe has a soft and elegant smell. It has a pure white texture but has no fluff after using.
2.Sealing: wet wipes packaged in bags should have a sealed bag packaging and not broken.
3.Irritation: If after use wipes baby has skin redness, itching, or other irritation symptoms, you should immediately stop using that wipes and go to hospital.
4.Shelf life: baby care wipes for cleaning and care of the baby face or buttocks usually has a general shelf life as 1.5-3 years.
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