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Different Applications for Baby Wipes


Wipe the ass of baby

Peeing, and smelly of new baby never stops flowing, if you wash with water every time, do not say it is troublesome, wear and undress so often, especially in winter, it does not worth accidentally let the baby catching a cold. The most useful of wet tissue is to clean baby's ass. Because wet wipes contain moisture and emollient ingredients, it cleans up more thoroughly than toilet paper, and has soothing function, of course, it is most popular by moms.

Clean little dirty hands of baby when go out

There is a lot of inconvenience when go out, such as baby pull smelly, dirty little hands, no water to wash at the dinner ... which can be solved with wet pipes, very practical and convenient. Especially in winter, while cleaning the baby, it has the role of moisture and to prevent little hands chap, so when go out, wet wipes are always essential goods in mother's bag.
Baby Wet Tissue

Wipe nose for the baby

When the baby get cold, the snivel keeps flowing down, often with wipe with paper, small nose will be rubbed dry and red, mother is very sad, so this way is ok. You can occasionally wipe baby nose with Baby Wet Wipes, which can be used only when you confirm there are no adverse reactions to the baby's skin, and if inappropriate several times in long-term use, you can use the special baby mouth hand wet wipes. Generally, to deal with the baby non-stop runny nose, it is best to rub with small square cotton scarf.

Wipe baby mouth

There are a lot of mom ask "Could wet wipes wipe the baby mouth?", care expert recommendation is best not wipe baby mouth with a wet wipe, because the skin of the face is different with the skin on the butt, and fitness is also different. However, if there is no way, it only be used occasionally.
5. Wipe the baby's toys
Best not to. Baby toys usually go into the mouth, wet wipes contain a variety of recipe ingredients, which are not suitable for being eaten by baby, so if you want to clean toys, you should wash with water, and dry in the sun as well. The idea "dry cleaning" for the baby is a bit too much excess. The wet wipes are not almighty, moreover, it is developed for a particular purpose, do not cover the face by point.
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