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Do You Choose Right Facial Cleansing Products?


Choose cleansing products according to your skin

Many females look very melancholy every day in face of the makeup to be relieved. In addition to complicated remover program, we also need to pay attention to different skin problems. Is there simple, fast makeup remover can give you lazy and no worries? Follow us to take a look at what makeup remover you fit! The complete remover does not mean to wipe crazily, or do not wash your face with remover products. We must first choose a product suitable for your own among wide variety remover products, for example, according to the skin, cleansing milk or cleansing water is applicable for oily skin, cleansing oil or remover cream is suitable for dry skin, and make-up remover cotton is basically suitable for all types of skin, sensitive skin should pay attention to select non-alcoholic products without no spices or pigment.

Travel companion: remover wet wipes

Design principle: add makeup remover in ordinary wipes, coupled with little oil, making it have powerful cleaning power, and at the same time it doesn't need additional secondary cleaning.
Advantages: Discharge makeup any place at any time, quick and easy!
Disadvantages: facial cleansing wipes texture is hard compared to cotton sheet, easy to cause friction on the skin. If the friction is serious, it may even damage the skin, turn redness and cause inflammation. If not overly friction, stay on the skin for a while and then gently wipe, there is no problem.
Facial Cleansing Wipes

Dry skin essentials: cleansing cream

Design principle: the perfect ratio of oil and emulsifier makes remover cream discharge makeup by oil, and there is no sticky feeling.
Advantages: superb moisturizing ability, your skin will feel moist, no sticky feeling after makeup is discharged, full blend with makeup, and removes cleanly. Conjunction with rich skin care ingredients, soft texture, and small burden on the skin and is very suitable for dry skin.
Disadvantages: Cream texture remover products take some time to dissolve makeup, so this makes impatient women at arm's length.
Notes: Since it is cold in winter, you can choose to wear face masks when you go out, which can prevent the skin from frostbite and keep the face moist. Remember to choose from reliable face mask manufacturers , or it may bring harmless to your skin.
Lazy beloved: cleansing water
Design principle: no oil, but adding surfactant in the water, to achieve the makeup removal effects.
Advantages: refreshing feeling like lotion, at use, dip makeup remover with cotton pads just like lotion to gently wipe, and do not need to use water to clean, which can even easily remove mascara, really is the perfect choice for the lazy.
Disadvantages: If used multiple times, it will consume a large amount of cotton pad, and may also bring friction and injury to the skin.
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