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Methods and Notes to Select Sanitizing Wipes


Classification of wet wipes

The wet wipes on the market can be broadly divided into two categories: a class is disinfected itself, but cannot sterile other items, which contains skin care ingredients and can only be used for skin emollient maintenance. The other class is the wet wipes which not only disinfected or sterilized itself, but can also play disinfectant function for other items, can be used as disinfection or sterilization for skin abrasions, scratches, etc., generally disinfection or sterilization ingredients will be marked on the packaging. It is visible that it's best to choose the disinfectant wet wipe with bactericidal function when you go out.

Application of disinfectant wet wipes

The disinfectant wet wipes can be used to clean the hand, wipe tables and chairs, which can be used to clean hands if there is no water and soap before eating a meal, but its role is limited. Because part of the ingredients contained in sanitizing wet wipes also have an impact on the human body, such as chlorine, bleach, alcohol, etc., these ingredients are not indicated on the packaging, but they will irritate the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, undermine the sebum film that protects the skin, frequent use makes the skin become dry. Therefore, it cannot be used to directly rub eyes, wound, and private parts.
 Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Notes for selecting wet wipes

We should also distinguish the high-quality and low-quality wet wipes at the time of purchase. The quality wet wipes have a soft and elegant scent, no pungent odor, while the poor wet wipes will have distinct pungent odor. In general, the quality wet wipes use non-woven, soft white, without any impurities, inferior wet wipes have impurities. In use, high-quality Hand Sanitizing Wipes will not fluff, but inferior wet wipes have obvious fluff and have a stimulating effect on the skin, easy to produce itching feeling. It should be noted, that disinfectant wipes have a certain shelf life, and sterilization ingredients will reduce after the shelf life, therefore, we look whether the wet wipes are within the warranty period before use. Note that the wet wipes purchased must get the permission of the health sector certification. If these conditions are met, the wet wipes you buy can be foolproof.
How to identify the pros and cons of wet wipes
1. Place the wet wipes in front of the nose and gently smell, if quality wet wipes, we will smell a soft and elegant taste, it does not have any irritation. If a package of low-grade wet wipes, we will feel a pungent odor when we smell.
2. Quality wet wipes use the high-quality raw materials, we can see that the non-woven is white and has no impurities. But the raw materials of inferior wet wipes are poor, we can see impurities above, quality wet wipes do not have the obvious fluff phenomenon in the use of the process, but inferior wet wipes have obvious fluff phenomenon during use.
3. After you remove the wet wipes, if the wet wipes are moldy, and have mildew, the wet wipes cannot be used. If you feel skin irritation, itching and pain feeling in the process of using the wipes, then you should immediately stop using it, so as not to cause more damage.
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