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Three Oil Control Film Methods to Create Thoroughly Dry Skin


Cucumber mung bean flour oil control film

Material: 1-3 cucumber, mung bean flour 20g
Specific methods: 1. Peel the cucumber and place into the juicer to stir and then put into the refrigerator for use. 2. Mix the minced cucumber puree with mung bean flour into paste. 3. Evenly coat the film in the face and wash after lying and waiting for 15 minutes. Expert Tip: This Oil Control film is most suitable for some girls whose skin oil secretion excess in summer, even have blain, because the mung bean has anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial and deep cleansing effect, which also has heat detoxification function. So the oily skin girls can often use this method. The dry and hot weather is a hotbed of oil and blain, have cucumber green bean mask twice a week can clean up the pores and let the skin develop to oil. Natural ingredients, there will be no sense of irritation and sticky.
Oil Control Film
2. Strawberry yogurt oil control film
Materials: 2 strawberries, 30 grams of yogurt
Specific methods: 1. Wash the strawberries and cut in half, directly press with a spoon or place in the juicer to make into muddy. 2. Pour in the mask bowl and mix with yogurt, reconcile into easily deposited paste. 3. Evenly coat avoiding the eye & lip skin around, static dressing and wash thoroughly with water after the mask is eighty percent dry. 1 or 2 times a week.
Expert Tip: The principle of the oil control film produced by reliabale face mask manufacturers is to stable the over-active sebaceous glands of the skin, supple oily skin to conditioning healthy state. The yogurt contains a large amount of lactic acid, the mild is relatively nature, which allows the skin to become soft and delicate. The strawberries are rich in vitamin C, but also can remove T District horny with the strawberry particles, and skin can restore a natural pale glossy, various skin types can use.
3. Apple cider vinegar mask
Material: 10 ml apple cider vinegar, distilled water 100ml
Specific methods: 1. Dilute apple cider vinegar with distilled water and place in the refrigerator for use. The proportion is preferably about 1:10. 2. Put the mask or mask paper into the prepared apple cider vinegar and fully immerse in water. 3. Affix to the face for 10-15 minutes and then wash with water. The number of times is indefinite.
Expert Tip: To select the natural ferment preservative-free apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar has very high VC content, which can rapidly remove aging skin, improve oily and yellow skin. Dry skin can also add honey to improve the moisturizing power. Apple cider vinegar can balance the skin's PH value, regulating water and oil, and thus play an oil control effect. The rich variety of vitamins can make your skin soft and delicate whether taken orally or applied externally.
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