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Know Baby Wipes Ingredients to Buy with No Pressure


Wet wipes are loved by more and more people

Wet wipes are loved by more and more people of all ages in daily lives. More and more people have got used to carry wet wipes, take out to rub instead of washing hands before meals, after meals or access to public places. They think wet tissue both saves trouble and is health doing so, and even think it can disinfect off bacteria. In fact, the best method of disinfection is to wash hands with soap and rinse with water.

Notes for using wet wipes

Because wet wipes contain a variety of additives, exposure to excessive preservatives, alcohol and other chemical constituents is apt to cause contact dermatitis and other skin allergies. And most people will not wash their hands after using wet wipes; the chemical composition will be left in the hands, which is especially disadvantaged for children. The American study also shows that wet wipe cannot clear the bacteria when being reused, but some of the survived bacteria will be transferred to uncontaminated surface. So we need to pay attention that it's best change a tissue after you wipe a new surface, and not to use it to wipe the eyes and other sensitive parts.
 Wet Tissue

Main component of the wet tissue

The main component of the wet tissue is nonwoven fabric, water and additives. The nonwoven fabric is a fabric formed by unwanted spinning and weaving, but bond the fibers directly by a physical method (mechanical, thermal adhesive) or chemical methods together. Some wet wipes manufacturers use cotton or the fiber-like material to take instead in order to reduce costs, the wet tissue of such material is easy to mold, deteriorate, there are impurities in the cloth, and easy to fluff in the use. Once we find the wet wipes have produced mildew, the wet wipes cannot be used.
The liquid content of wet wipes generally account for about 80%. The wet wipes will feel relatively dry if content is too low; on the contrary, the high levels feel too wet, which is inconvenient to use. Tested, liquid ratio is generally about 80% is the most suitable. More than 90% of the liquid is the water, in order to avoid the water component to react with the chemical liquid component; the water used in the wet tissue must be the special treated water. This is what "Purified water" "pure water" "RO pure water" mean indicated in the ingredient list.
Buy the right baby wet wipes
Wet wipes are supplies keep intimate contact with baby's skin, we must be careful at the selection, to avoid bring discomfort to the baby, and also bring trouble to your parenting life. Ingredients are crucial to the quality of wet wipes, do not underestimate this small square of wipes, there can be a lot inside, in order to achieve moisturizing, nourishing, sterilization effect needed by the product, the added ingredients of different brand wet wipes are also different, some are good for the baby, some is neither good nor bad, some ingredients will hurt the baby, so, the ingredient is the first concern when the mothers purchase wet wipes.
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