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Wet Wipes not Universal Disinfection Items


Ordinary wet wipes and disinfectant wet wipes

Carrying disinfectant wet wipes can not only eliminate the trouble to wash hands, and can also be used to disinfect. Wiping tables and chairs, hands, even rubbing private parts ... wet wipes seem to become a "universal towel”. However, are the wet wipes really omnipotent? Currently wipes wet under various names and with different uses available in the market can be grouped into two categories, one category is the ordinary wet wipes being disinfected itself, but cannot disinfect other items, which contains skin care ingredients, can only be used for skin nourishing and maintenance. The other is the disinfectant wet wipes not only sterilized itself, but also can sterilize other items, which generally will mark disinfection or sterilization components on the packaging.
Disinfectant wet wipes: can wipe hands, tables and chairs, or used to clean the hands when there is no water and soap before eating a meal, but its role is limited. Because ingredients contained in some Hand Sanitizing Wipes also have an impact on the human body, such as chlorine, bleach, alcohol, etc., these ingredients are not indicated on the packaging, but they will irritate the skin, mucous membranes, eyes, damage the sebum film that protect the skin, frequent use makes the skin become dry. Therefore, it cannot be used to directly rub eyes, wound, and private parts.
Adult Wipes
The feminine care wet wipes: mostly added with pharmaceutical ingredients for sterilization, claiming that they can clean the private parts, to avoid the growth of bacteria, which is refreshing and avoids odor. But it is not recommend that women often use them to rub private parts. Although it can play the inhibitory effect in a certain extent, it does not sterilize, but will break the original acid-base balance in the female body, triggering a variety of gynecological diseases.
Baby wet wipes: baby skin is very delicate, so compared with adult wipes, baby wet wipes have higher demands. Baby wet wipes are divided into ordinary wipes (rub buttocks) and hand and mouth dedicated wet wipes. Baby wet wipes cannot add alcohol, flavors, preservatives, fluorescent, etc., but also cannot be taken lightly. Especially babies who like eating hands, you cannot frequently use wet wipes to wipe their hands, use gauze or towel to dip in warm water to wipe.
Notes to buy wet wipes
When buy wet wipes, pay attention that the quality wet wipes scent is soft, having no pungent odor, but inferior wet wipes have pungent odor. In general, the quality wet wipes use non-woven, the texture is soft and white, no impurities, but inferior wet wipes have impurities. In use, the quality wet wipes will not fluff, but inferior wet wipes obviously fluff and have a stimulating effect on the skin, easy to produce itching feeling. If you have a skin itch, pain feeling after you use, you should stop using it immediately. Before you buy baby wipes, you can have a trial on the back of your own hand, to see whether there is apparent alcoholic excitement. In addition, no matter what kind of wet wipes will contain a variety of additives, excessive exposure may cause skin allergies. Usually the best disinfection method to wipe hands is to wash your hands with soap and rinse with water.
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