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Five Skills to Buy Wet Wipes in Hot Summer



Wet wipes become one of our essential objects


With the arrival of summer, because we are relatively easy to sweat, so wet wipes become one of our essential objects. The hot summer has arrived; a lot of girls as well as the babies will prepare a package of wet wipes in the bag. When sweating, shiny on the face, before eating a meal ... wet wipes have become an essential commodity. Currently there are many wet wipe products in the shopping mall, each function seems different, after all, how to choose? Today we will discuss about the common sense of wet wipes. At the selection of the wet wipes, we should understood the variety of different wet tissue, to select based on the demand.
Variety of wet tissue:
Clean Type: the most widely useful, easy to carry, which can be used when it is not easy to use water to clean away from home, available at any time at any time. There is partial facial cleansing wipes specifically add a low concentration of bactericidal ingredients, focus on hand hygiene.
Remover type: It has cleaning ingredients and nourishing ingredients, which can remove makeup residue, add water, to prevent facial rendering dry grain. Infantile: aloe, glycerin and other ingredients are added, gentle and nature. Family type: the cheapest price, suitable for family which has high request for clean level. The clean type wet wipes are the most commonly used, and there are many wet wipes to choose from. Facial Cleansing Wipes
Now let's talk about to how to choose cleaning type according to our needs. First we talk about wet wipes physical indicators:
1. Softness The softness of wet wipes is very important, if stiff, who would ever want to take it to wipe our beloved face and cherry mouth?
2. Humidity If wet wipes don't have insufficient wet, how can it be called the wet wipes? But it is not the more wet the better, if it is able to drop water, it is not only inconvenient to use, and difficult to keep for a long time, easy to breed bacteria.
3. Pull The wet wipes pull means that you pull by hands, to see whether its flexibility is good, and whether easily to tear. Of course, good tension wet wipes have better scalability.
4. Weight (thickness) It is the weight per unit area, in fact, that is our common understanding of the thickness. If the wet wipes are too thin, then it is easy to tear, but also affect the water content.
5. Wet wipes size Wet wipes with larger area after being unfolded of course can clean more. www.hknbc.com is specialized in OEM & ODM services. It mainly produces nonwoven fabric and its downstream products, wet wipes(adult wet wipes, feminine wet wipes, baby wet wipes, household wet wipes, etc.), cosmetics, and anti-bacterial products. There are four main categories: wet tissue line; facial mask; anti-bacterial products; skin care products.
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