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Experts Teach You to Identify High Quality Baby Wet Wipes


Wet wipes are necessary supplies for new mother

In the hot summer months, the wet wipes are the necessary care and cleaning supplies for new mother. The skin of a newborn baby is delicate, using dedicated baby skin care wet wipes is the most gentle and effective way to clean after toilet. How to buy the wet wipes daily intimate contact with the baby? Here we will present baby wipes to selection skills for moms.

Purchase point 1: Element

The wet wipes used by babies are generally used for the cleaning and care of the delicate baby skin and small ass. The wet wipes ingredient is the treated pure water, then add some nourish skin ingredients mild and safe on the baby skin. Unlike adult wipes, the wet wipes gentle to baby skin cannot contain alcohol, soap, and other ingredients that will make baby allergic, some high-quality designed intimate wet wipes will also take into account the characteristics that the young baby is susceptible to have red ass, and add the ingredients to prevent the red ass. The good quality wet wipes will not fluff after use.
Baby Wet Wipes

Purchase point 2: Thickness / Flexibility

Mothers must pay attention to the thickness and flexibility of wet wipes, thick wet wipes with good pliability contain rich liquid, its cleanliness and moisture will be better. At the same time, the mothers do not have to worry that it will tear dirty your hands because the tissue is too thin when help the baby to clean up urine, feces, or stimulate your baby's skin because the tissue is too hard. In addition, from an economic point of view, thick wet wipes may only need one, but the thin ones may use several pieces. At the time of purchase, the mothers can compare the thickness and weight of packaging to assess.
Purchase point 3:
Wet wipes packaging sealing is very important, the intact packaging can maintain the effectiveness of the wet wipes clean and moisturizing effect unless it is sealed. Mothers should be noted that bagged wet wipes should be sealed and boxed wet wipes packaging cannot be damaged at the time of purchase. Pay attention to immediately post the sealing or close the tissue box cover after using wet wipes, otherwise the wet wipes may be contaminated or dried. In addition, the wet wipes produced by professional wet wipes manufacturers should be best placed in the shade of the room, which can be better save wet wipes, avoid wet wipes drying to lose its efficacy.
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