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Thoroughly Clean Your Face with Two Face Masks


                                                                                   To deep clean the skin, get a good cleaning effect, you may wish to try the beauty method which can be operated at home. If you can do this care once a month, you will see the improvement of the skin. If you step-by-step do it following the instructions below, you can get skin care effects in the comfortable, free from outside disturb home which are only available in the beauty salon.
Facial cleansing:
The facial skin is very delicate and need to be cleaned regularly, to keep pores out of dirt, so the skin can smoothly breathe. If you have combination skin, skin care secret is to use two kinds of masks produced by reliable face mask manufacturers–one is suitable for oil-prone area, and the other is suitable for the dry area. Carefully deposit the two masks in the appropriate area.
1. Apply the cleanser to the face. Let it stay on the face for 1 to 2 minutes to dissolve dirt, grease and stubborn cosmetics. Then dip water with cotton balls to wash the cleanser.
2. Wet face with warm water. Massage the skin with a small amount of exfoliating products, pay attention to avoid the delicate skin around the eye. This will remove the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin, making the skin smoother. This is a precondition of effectively carry out skin care. Wash face with warm water.
Facial Mask
3. Fill water in the bowl or basin. Enclose your head with a towel, and then lean over, let the steam come into contact with the face. Hold for 5 minutes to let the steam warm and make the skin becomes smooth. If you have blackheads, you can wrap paper towels on the and gently remove blackheads. If your skin is sensitive or prone to redness, you should avoid using this method.
4. Putting the mask. If you belong to oily skin, choose muddy mask; if you belong to dry or normal skin, use a moisturizing mask. Deposit five minutes and you can also adjust the length of time in accordance with the product instructions.
5. Wash away the mask with warm water. When the mask is all washed, use cold water to clean, to shrink pores, and make skin fresh. Suck facial moisture with facial cleansing wipes.
6. Dip toning lotion or homemade lotion with a cotton pad, evenly coat in the more oil part of the skin, such as the nose, cheeks and forehead.
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