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Recommendation of Oil Control Film to Enable Pores Breathe


Principle of oil control mask

Skin oil control is to maintain water and oil balance of the skin, refreshing the skin effect by adjusting the fat content of the skin secretion. When the skin surface is short of water, the body will generate oil in a state of self-protection, to reduce skin moisture evaporation, this time airborne microorganisms and other bacteria can easily be stocked by the grease and stay in the pores, causing the skin inflammation and generate blain, acne and make the face shiny. The Oil Control film has been known as deep cleaning. Let's have a look at the oil control mask rankings together.
Oil control mask have been pursuing timely cleaning pores excess grease and garbage, so that the pores can breathe freely. The recommendation for the mask enables the pores to breathe freely- NBC oil control mask.
Ingredients: Ome, witch hazel, pearl, silkworm, aloe, astragalus, mint, mulberry leaf, Atractylodes, Licorice
Efficacy: The balanced repair function of herbal essence brings fresh silk like care to the skin, make the skin supple and fresh, moist and whitening. Quick to add missing moisture and multiple nutrition of skin, while strengthening the skin lock water capacity, rapidly contract the expanded pores and cleanse the skin excess oil and dirt, inhibit excessive secretion of oils and fats, the oil control film produced by professional face mask manufacturers keep the skin with appropriate water and reduce dull, fully relieve and purify the skin, conditioning the skin water and oil balance, exudes youthful healthy atmosphere. It has especially excellent results for mixed and oily skin dehydrated crowd who are long-term in the face of the computer.
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Usage: relax the spirit, static deposit for 15-20 minutes, and remove it after the skin fully absorbs the herbal extracts in the mask. For the initial use, continuously deposit for three days, one piece a day, the effect will be better. Later you can provide timely conservation to the skin anytime, anywhere according to the skin condition. Gently massage to make the excess cream and other ingredients to better absorb, if your skin has any acne damage or inflammatory phenomena, be caution to use.
Summary: we should pay attention in life for oil control in addition to work hard on the mask, do not wash your face and use oil-absorbing paper too often, oily skin wash face three times a day, because the fat secretion is a natural protection state of the body, frequent use of absorbing paper not only siphon off oil and will absorb the grease to maintain the balance of water and oil.
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