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A Few Questions about Wet Wipes


                                                                                   Q1: Open the lid and not use wet wipes for a long time, why it will be dry?
 A: The principal ingredient of wet wipes is water, prolonged contact with the air, the water will volatile, and the wet wipes turn into a dry towel. So, wet wipes should be promptly sealed after use, opened wet tissue should be used as soon as possible, in order to avoid evaporation of water and lose the effect.
Q2: How to do if the baby accidentally regard the wet wipe as bib and bite in mouth?
A: Although this is not much of a problem, the mother should stop in time and place the wet wipes in the position out the reach of the baby. To clean the baby’ mouth with a soft paper towel or clean towel, wet wipes can be contact with the skin, but the important position of the mouth, eyes should avoid. In addition, many babies like the feeling of wet wipes being pulled out one by one, does not say it causes the waste, it also speeds up the evaporation of water, so that the wet tissue cannot work properly.

Q3: Can wet wipe clean baby's little dirty hand when go out?
A: There are a lot of inconvenience when go out, such as the baby pull smelly, little hands are dirty, no water to wash when eating...... can be solved with wet wipe, which is very practical and convenient. Especially in the winter, it can clean the baby and at the same time has the role of moisture, prevent hands being chapped, so when go out, Baby Wet Wipes will always be essential goods in the mother's bag.
Q4: Can wet wipes be used to clean nose for the baby?
A:The baby has a cold and the nose keeps streaming down, often wiping with a paper towel, the small nose had been rubbed dry and red, the mother is very sad, so they thought this way. Clean baby nose with wet wipe occasionally is ok, and can only be used when you confirm that your baby's skin don’t have adverse reactions, long-term use is inappropriate, you can use specialized baby mouth hand wet wipes. Under normal circumstances, to deal with baby keep a runny nose, it is best to wipe with a cotton scarf.
Q5: Can I use wet wipe to clean baby mouth?
A: This is the way when there is no other way. Many mothers ask if wet wipes could wipe baby mouth, care experts recommend that it is best not to use wet wipes to wipe the mouth of the baby, because the skin on the face is different from the skin on the butt and the fitness is also different. However, if there is no other way, it can be used occasionally.
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