4 Tips for Selecting Wet Wipes for Newborn Baby

November 20, 2018


Pay attention to the wet wipes ingredients

Ingredient is crucial for the quality of wet wipes; do not underestimate this small square wet wipe, which has a lot of contents inside. In order to reach the demand of moisturizing, nourishing, sterilization and other effects for products, different brand wet tissue also add different ingredients, some benefits for the baby, some are neither good nor bad, and some components will hurt the baby. So the mother cannot neglect this aspect at the time of purchase.

Pay attention to the tightness

When we choose wet wipes, we must be optimistic about the tightness of the packaging. If the packaging is sealed well, then the effectiveness of the wet wipes sterilization effect is high. Packaged wet wipes packaging should be sealed, without damage; boxed and canned wet wipes packaging should be in good condition, without damage. New parents should immediately glue the seal after access to the wet wipes, to prevent heat or direct sunlight to make wet wipes dry and impact the effect of its use.


Pay attention to the feel and atmosphere

There are many different wet wipes varieties and brands. Different wet wipes are very different in terms of feel and atmosphere. Some wet tissue is very dense, and some is very soft, some atmosphere is fragrant, some Baby Wet Wipes do not have breath. Mothers can help the baby to distinguish based on their own preferences. We suggest that the mother to buy the best feel relatively soft thick wet wipes, and with no fragrance.
4. Be concerned about the product information
Expectant mothers best to care about wet tissue product information. This includes the date of consumption, consumer manufacturers, address, telephone, shelf life, the active ingredient, consumer health permit number, the implementation of health specification number, use clarify and note content. These also can help you understand the quality and reliability of the product from the side. Therefore, if the new mother find this information is incomplete or ambiguous matches, it is best not to buy.
It should be reminded that expectant mothers should buy a small package for trial for a few times at the first time to purchase, to see whether there are bad repercussions for the baby's skin, if the baby has no adverse reactions for wet wipes, then we can rest assured to purchase. is specialized in OEM & ODM services. It mainly produces nonwoven fabric and its downstream products, wet wipes(adult wet wipes, feminine wet wipes, baby wet wipes, household wet wipes, etc.), cosmetics, and anti-bacterial products. There are four main categories: wet tissue line; facial mask; anti-bacterial products; skin care products.

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