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Tips for Buying Wet Wipes

Aspects need to pay attention at the choice of wet wipes:
1. Brand
I suggest using the products from the big wet wipes manufacturers at the choice of wet wipes, because they have high brand reputation. Since the wet wipes contain moisture, if not strictly control the hygienic practices at consumption, it is easy to breed bacteria at storage in the future, so the validity period of the wet wipes ordinary is two years, 1 year less than dry paper towel. I think the things used to wipe your mouth and face should be healthy, so as not to incur disease from the mouth due to the purchase of the "cheap" stuff.
2. Ingredients, flavor
There are a lot of wet wipes claim to be able to disinfect, but please note that the international rule stipulates that the wet wipes cannot use words such as "sterilization" and think about if we take the wet wipes which are able to "sterilize" to wipe mouth, who knows what will they affect our body when the "sterilization" ingredients go into the mouth.
3. Packaging Specifications
The wet wipes are available for different packaging specifications, there are a dozen in a pack or monolithic individually wrapped, at the time of purchase, choose according to your use frequency. If less frequently, it is best to use individually wrapped wet wipes, so that the water is not easy to lose.
4. Packaging design
The woman has been inseparable from these things; they think that the packaging can express a person's taste, so the packaging is also the important element at selection.
5. Softness
Wet wipes softness is very important, if it is stiff, who would want to use it to wipe our beloved face and pursed lips?
6. Humidity
If the wet wipe moist is not enough, how can it be called wet wipes? But not the more wet, the better. If it drops water, it is not only inconvenient to use, but also difficult to custody for a long time, because it is easy to breed bacteria.
7. Tensile force
The wet wipes tensile force is that you open by hand to see if it has good flexibility, whether it is easily to be torn. Of course, the wet wipes with good tension have better scalability.
8. Weight (thickness)
The weight per unit area, in fact, it is the thickness of our ordinary understanding. If the wet wipe is too thin, it is easily torn, but also affects the water content.
9. Wet wipes size
The wet wipes with larger area after being unfolded of course can clean more.
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