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Common Daily Necessities – Wet Wipe


What Is Wet Wipe?

Wet wipe is a kind of tissues made from pure water, spunlace non-woven fabrics and propylene glycol, used to wipe face, hands or skin.

Ingredients of Wet wipes

1. Refined water, purified water, RO pure water: pharmaceutical liquid content of wet wipe generally accounts for about 80%. If the content is too low, the wet wipe will be dry; on the contrary, if the content is too high, the wet wipe will be too wet not convenient to use. 90% of the pharmaceutical liquid is water, and in order to avoid water from reacting with the pharmaceutical liquid, the water used for  wet wipe must be specially treated water. Customers can find "purified water", "pure water" or "RO pure water" on the packaging.
2. Hydrating agent - propylene glycol: propylene glycol is a type of solvents and humectants. It can help effective substances in the pharmaceutical liquid to dissolve in the water so that the water is not likely to volatile and can be anti-microbico and anti-corrosion. Thus almost all wet wipes contain hydrating agent.
3. Antiseptic substance - phenoxy ethanol, methyl parahydroxybenzoats, nipagin: wet wipes contain large amounts of water and different materials. In order to maintain effective physical activity, antiseptic substance must be added in, but generally of low content, without negative impact.
4. Antibacterial agents - Sodium Lactate, eucalyptus leaves: there are many types of antibacterial agents, chemosynthetic antibacterial agent and natural antibacterial agent. As its name implies, it can destroy bacteria and inhibit bacterial growth.
5. Non-ionic surface active agents - polyoxyethylene hydrogenated castor oil, polyether: washing powders and most detergents contain non-ionic surface active agents, whose specific effect is to remove dirt and grease and achieve the cleaning effect.
In addition, there are other natural ingredients, such as eucalyptus leaf extract, natural fungicide; sweet Chrysanthemum oil, which has calming and anti-inflammatory effect; Aloe Vera to preserve moisture and moisten.

Classifications of Wet Wipes
Clean wet wipes: with the most widely application, easy to carry, available when it is not easy to wash or clean by water, ready at any time to get, convenient. Makeup remover wet wipes: containing cleaning ingredients and moisturizing ingredients, available to remove makeup residue, add moisture, and avoid dry facial lines.
Baby wet wipes: with ingredients such as Aloe Vera and glycerol, mild. Family wet wipes: cheapest, applicable to family with high requirements on cleanliness.
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