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Matters Needing Attention of Baby Wet Wipes


                                                                                   Babies can neither be washed off with water more than once after the excretion, nor be wiped with hard dry paper towel. The correct way is to use professional mild baby wet wipes to wipe babies. The selection of baby wet wipes can be referred to several ways.

The Function of Baby Wet Wipes

Quality baby wet wipes not only can remove oil excrements left on the baby's ass, but also leave body lotion protective layer on the baby's ass to prevent infant red ass.

Brand Awareness When Choosing Baby Wet Wipes

There are various brands of baby wet wipes on the market today. When mothers are choosing wet wipes for babies, they had better choose baby wipe products of mature brands, market and perfect after-sales service. Generally, products of big brands show more cautious selection of materials and performances. Those big brands will not trade their golden chances. Good brands always represent high quality, because companies of strength are often well-funded, with advanced technical force, and the wet wipes they manufacture are of relatively higher quality.

The Quality Guarantee Period and Types of Baby Wet Wipes

Wet wipes professional for cleaning and care of baby face or buttocks are typically of 1.5 to 3 years quality guarantee period. Professionally qualified wet wipes are clean, white, smooth without fuzzing, but with fresh and delicate smell, which are not easy to be damaged after use. Each brand wet wipes smell different, and their smell generally can be divided into flavor type and fragrance free type. Expert's recommendation is to buy fragrance-free soft wet wipes for the babies.
Baby Wipes
Outer Packing Identifying of Baby Wet Wipes
Under relevant provisions, there should be production company name, addresses, telephone numbers, product shelf life, active ingredients, production batch number, production date, health permits, implementation of health standards, specifications and consideration on the label of the baby wet wipes product packages.
Tightness of Baby Wet Wipes packing seals
Bag wet wipes package should be sealed, without any damage; boxed and canned wet wipes package should be complete and without damage. Sealed packaging is for maintaining the effectiveness of disinfection of wet wipes. After access to wipes, users shall promptly post the seal, or cover the wet tissue cover to avoid high temperatures or direct sunlight, causing wet wipe getting dry and affect to the using effectiveness.
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