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It is An Art on How to Choose Face Wet wipes

With the frequency of public outings accelerating, wet wipes arisen in recent two years, same as paper towels, have become more and more popular among consumers, and essential goods for some young women. Learned from the parties concerned, there are several wet wipes of exceeded total number of bacteria or fungi found on the market at present. Related departments have ordered a few days ago to immediately stop sales of business units, and to investigate and prosecute the unit continues to sale on the basis of the "Disinfection Management Methods".
Recently, reporters have visited some large department stores and wholesale markets of the urban area, and have not found these unqualified facial cleaning wipes. In the supermarket, what reporters have seen are old brands consumers are familiar with. In a wholesale food market, wet wipes can not be seen everywhere, not like ordinary tissue. A shopkeeper told reporters that because of wet wipes are unlike tissue and they are sold at slightly higher prices, when they purchase the products, they will have higher quality requirements, "we only sell facial cleansing wipes of well-known brands."
Reporters have found that buying wet wipes also need to devote particular care to. If customers select by the wrong way, the effect is exactly the opposite. Wet wipes on the market can be divided into two categories: one is being disinfected, but it cannot disinfect other articles, containing skin care ingredients, only to do skin care maintenance. The other is not only being disinfected, but also can disinfect other goods, and can be used for disinfection or sterilization ot skin abrasions and scratches. Generally disinfection or sterilization ingredients will be marked on the packaging. It is thus clear that during outgoing, it is better to choose disinfectant wipes of sterilization effect.
Facial Cleansing Wipes
As to how to distinguish between wet wipes of good and poor quality, sales staff told reporters that high quality wipes have a gentle elegant fragrance, without pungent smell, while the poor wet wipes have distinct pungent smell. What's more noteworthy is that disinfecting wet wipes have a certain shelf life. If shelf life is passed, disinfection ingredients will decrease. Therefore, before using, check whether the wet wipes are under warranty.
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